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DIY Baptism Pillow Gift

My sweet little niece just got baptized this month, and we wanted to give her something simple-yet-cute, and something to help remind her of her promises to Choose The Right (CTR). This DIY Baptism Pillow Gift turned out so beautiful and soft, and I loved how easy it was to make!

DIY Baptism Pillow Gift / by Busy Mom

I probably don’t share this nearly as much as I should, but for those that don’t know: I’m LDS. That is, I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In my church, once someone reaches the age of 8 they may choose to be baptized into the church. We bless infants, but one cannot be baptized until they reach 8 years old. Last month my oldest niece turned 8 years old, and chose to be baptized last Saturday. It was such a special day, and we’re glad to have been included.

DIY Baptism Pillow Gift / by Busy Mom

One thing our primary children in our church (or anyone, for that matter) likes is CTR, which stands for Choose The Right. You’ll often see LDS members wearing CTR rings, and that’s why. It reminds us of our promises to always Choose The Right. So this DIY Baptism Pillow Gift was the perfect thing for ‘K’ to have on her bed or in her room to remind her. And the minky fabric sure made it soft and snuggly….bonus!

Supplies Needed

  • 1/4-1/2 yard fabric (I used white minky)
  • Plain pillow, or stuffing (I got a 14×14 plain pillow from the craft aisle at Walmart)
  • Sewing machine/thread
  • Fabric or felt for the symbol and CTR (I used pink sparkly felt)
  • Hot glue, or more thread for the symbol/CTR


  1. Cut your fabric to fit your pillow. Keep in mind the thickness of the pillow, and allow room for seams. Try to keep one edge of the pillow as a folded edge, leaving just 3 edges to sew. This folded top edge will be the top, since that’s the most seen and will leave it extra pretty and clean looking. So the folded edge is the top. DIY Baptism Pillow Gift / by Busy Mom
  2. Face the pretty side of the fabric together and sew your two SIDE seems. Cut off the excess fabric from the seam. DIY Baptism Pillow Gift / by Busy Mom Turn your case right-side out. Cut out your symbol and CTR letters. NOTE: If you want to sew your symbol/CTR onto the case instead of hot glue it, sew it one now before putting in the pillow and sewing the last edge. Stick your pillow into the case and sew your last edge. DIY Baptism Pillow Gift / by Busy Mom Cut off the excess fabric from the seem so it looks as nice and clean as possible. DIY Baptism Pillow Gift / by Busy Mom
  3. If you’ve already sewn on your symbol and CTR letters, you’re done! If not, this is when you hot glue them onto the front of your pillow. Keep in mind the pretty folded edge is the top!

DIY Baptism Pillow Gift / by Busy Mom

I love how this pillow turned out, and she was thrilled to have something aside from her CTR ring (that she got from grandma) to remind her of her special day!

DIY Baptism Pillow Gift / by Busy Mom

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