DIY Coat Rack

Hello. It’s Kathleen again, from Fearlessly Creative Mammas, to bring you a really great DIY Coat Rack. A little over three years ago my husband, youngest daughter and I moved to China for a year and then to Korea for a few months. We decided to rent our house out to our oldest daughter and her family while we were gone and they made some changes that were awesome for their family, mainly because they are younger and younger people’s tastes are different than older people’s taste. Yes, I am the older person in this story. 

We moved back into our house about two months ago and I have been a painting fool. One of the things that was missing in the house was a place to hang my purse, my husband’s hats and of course, a jacket when I come in the door. Since I didn’t have one, I decided to make one.

DIY Coat Rack

I had a piece of board that is 24 inches by 6 inches for the back of the hanger. I found these really awesome knobs at a shop in the next town over that sells so much stuff. However, you can purchase them on Amazon too. I super love them. I did get a few different kinds, so they aren’t all the same. (affiliate link)

Vintage Clear Diamond Glass Cabinet Knobs (6) Kitchen Drawer Pulls ~ T10 Classic Shabby Chic Victorian Style Flame Polished Glass Knobs for Cabinets, Drawers, Dressers, Kitchen Cabinets and Cupboards

DIY Coat Rack

I have another rack, for keys, that I made last year that is on the opposite wall from this coat rack and while they aren’t the same color, I decided I wanted them the same shape, so I traced the ends of the key rack onto the ends of the coat rack board. I was planning to use my scroll saw to cut the shape out, but my scroll saw has issues, so I went to my friend Lisa’s house to use her scroll saw.

DIY Coat Rack

Next she pulled out her router and used it on the edges of the board to give it a nicer finish. This is Lisa, concentrating really hard. I hadn’t used a router before, but I can see me using it in the future. I love it!

coat hanger4

After I got home, I painted the board grey to go with my walls. The color I painted it was called Dolphin and it’s a satin craft paint from Americana. Then I used a paint pen and outlined the place where we routed the edge.

Finally, I white washed the board, to give it some depth and character.  The way I white wash is to take some white acrylic paint and water it down. Then I took a paint brush and put some of the watered down paint on it, dabbed it off some and then ran it back and forth over the board. Here’s the thing with white washing. If you don’t like how it’s turning out, you can very quickly remove it with a wet cloth. You have to be quick though.

DIY Coat Rack

The next step is to drill the holes in the board. I knew I wanted 5 holes, so I measured the board to find the middle and then measured from there for the other holes. Then, BEFORE I attached the knobs, I turned the board over and attached the alligator hangers to put it on the wall. Finally, I put all of the knobs on the board.

coat rack2

This is the finished product. I really love it. It took me a little more time to finish this than it probably should have because I ended up painting over the whole board a couple of times to “erase” what I had already done. Now it is just like I want it and it’s super handy. I have lots of projects I’m working on for our house. If you like DIY and Home Decor projects, follow along with us on Fearlessly Creative Mammas because this is a major project house. Do you have any projects around your home this summer?

DIY Coat Rack

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