DIY Craft Table

Do you have a specific table for your crafting, sewing, and random other work? Or do you kind of find an open spot at the dining table or kitchen counter, or squeeze room on your spouse’s desk? Well, I’ve done all of those, but no more thanks to our DIY Craft Table!

DIY Craft Table Tutorial / by www.BusyMomsHelper.com #craftroom #diytable #remodel

If you saw my Craft Room Grand Reveal Sunday, you already saw my wonderfully awesome DIY Craft Table. I promised that I’d give you the lowdown on how we built it, so here we go!


  • Tabletop: 1 piece Plywood: 4 ft. x 6 ft, 3/4 inch thick (I got an 8×4, but trimmed it to size)
  • Legs: 4 Posts: 2.5″x2.5″ thick, 32″ high
  • Stabilizing planks: 4 Boards: 5.5″x1″, 36″ long
  • Wood Screws/drill
  • Trim for edge of tabletop, if desired: 2 sides 6′ Long, 2 sides 4′ Long…..but don’t forget to add some for the angles to match up!
  • For the trim, I HIGHLY recommend a nail gun! (and correct size nails)
  • Paint of desired color (I did Pebble Grey for the legs/planks, Boysenberry Blast for the Tabletop, and left the trim white.
  • Measuring tape (I recommend 2), leveler

DIY Craft Table Tutorial / by www.BusyMomsHelper.com #craftroom #diytable #remodel


  1. Double check all of your measurements….VERY important!
  2. Paint all of your pieces, allowing plenty of time to dry. You will need to touch-up later.
  3. Attach the stabilizing boards to the legs. The boards near the top went about 1″ down, the ones at the bottom went about 2.5″-3″ up. ONLY USE ONE SCREW at each connection. This is just for now, but it will allow you to move the posts/boards while assembling it all together without cracking or breaking anything, plus it assists with leveling everything. DIY Craft Table Tutorial / by www.BusyMomsHelper.com #craftroom #diytable #remodel DIY Craft Table Tutorial / by www.BusyMomsHelper.com #craftroom #diytable #remodel
  4. We then moved the pieces (the now-two supporting ‘leg’ pieces and tabletop/trim) into my craft room….this would be extremely difficult to get through a doorway!
  5. Set up your leg pieces roughly in the position where they will go….put something on either side of each piece to help hold it into place. DIY Craft Table Tutorial / by www.BusyMomsHelper.com #craftroom #diytable #remodel DIY Craft Table Tutorial / by www.BusyMomsHelper.com #craftroom #diytable #remodel DIY Craft Table Tutorial / by www.BusyMomsHelper.com #craftroom #diytable #remodel
  6. We did ours so that the posts were 6″ in from the tabletop edge on the long sides, and 13.5″ in from the tabletop edge on the ends (short sides).
  7. Place your large tabletop piece onto the supporting legs (CAREFULLY!!!). Start with one post, and measure in to where the post is. This is how Hubby measured…using TWO MEASURING TAPES. You then have your guide for where to drill the screw down into the posts, and you’re less likely to skim the sides of the posts.DIY Craft Table Tutorial / by www.BusyMomsHelper.com #craftroom #diytable #remodel
  8. Move to the next post, testing it with the leveler to make sure it’s fine. If it’s not quite level, remember you can adjust the supporting beams to switch the level.
  9. Finish all of the posts, testing with the leveler each time. After they’re all done with at least 2 screws (we did 2 at first, but then I had Hubby add 2 more to make it ULTRA secure), check that everything is completely level.
  10. Once you’re certain it’s all level, add 2-3 more screw per connection on the supporting beams. This will help it not wobble, shake, or adjust now that you’ve got it to the perfect position.
  11. Add the trim pieces to the edge of the board (you don’t want to be up against a rough edge, getting scratches, cuts or splinters…plus it looks better)! I definitely recommend using a nail gun for this…I explained how my Dad came to our rescue in my Craft Room Grand Reveal post.
  12. Touch-up any paint, and ENJOY your new table!

Mine works wonderfully, and has made crafting and sewing (and staging photos) SO much easier! I love it! I nabbed some cheap bookshelves from walmart for the two ends. They are about 1/2″-1″ lower than the tabletop, so they’re not supporting any of the weight (don’t think they even could!), but they fit nicely underneath to store more crafty goodness!

DIY Craft Table Tutorial / by www.BusyMomsHelper.com #craftroom #diytable #remodel

Yup, projects have be SO MUCH easier with this bad boy, and to be perfectly honest, it wasn’t all that hard to make! SCORE!!!

DIY Craft Table Tutorial / by www.BusyMomsHelper.com #craftroom #diytable #remodel


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