DIY Days Until Christmas Countdown

I know it’s still Thanksgiving time, but thought it would be wise to share my DIY Days until Christmas Countdown beforehand, so there’s plenty of time to pull it together before the 1st hits us….only a few days more!
DIY Days until Christmas Countdown / Busy Mom
I’ve seen those hanging countdowns plenty, and thought they were absolutely adorable. I’m on a budget, though, so wanted the cutest calendar for the least damage to my bank account. This was so EASY and cost me less than $18! Yup, that’s a winner right there, in my opinion!
Supplies Needed
3 12×12 Pieces of Paper (I used 1 dark, 1 light, 1 silver – all shiny) – 16 Cents each at Michaels
Large Frame of desired style (I did a 18×24 poster frame for $9 at Walmart)
1 can plain Spray Paint (I did Silver) – if you need or want to paint your frame – $2 Clearance
1 can Sparkly Spray Paint (I did Silver Sparkles) – if desired – $2 Clearance
Ribbon, Tape, Stickers – as desired – $3
First, decide on your shape. Trace onto your paper pieces and cut out.
Put stickers, if desired, onto your shapes to give them a little ‘somethin somethin’.
Paint your frame, if desired.
Figure out your exact desired layout, making sure it fits the way you want inside your frame.
Use ribbon to tape rows, as laid out, onto the frame back. Attach your shapes with tape pieces so they’re secure and don’t fall off.
For fun, I wrote something for us to do during December on the back of each ornament. So each day when we do the countdown, we can see what activity we’ll be doing that day!
Decorate, light it up, and ENJOY!!!!

 What’s your favorite Christmas Countdown?

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