DIY Honey Bee Glitter Soap

I use to think homemade soap was a craft for preteen girls doing a spa-themed party or something. No idea why that was what I thought, but now I know that there’s so many people who enjoy whipping up DIY soap recipes at home. And I get it – you get to choose what ingredients go into it (no harmful chemicals, or ingredients you can’t even pronounce), plus make them into any creative color, shape, scent or style you’d like! Now THAT sounds like my kinda thing 🙂 Whether you’re a pro or just wanting to try making your own for the first time, this DIY Honey Bee Glitter Soap is super simple, plus turns out amazing for a gift – or just to enjoy in your own home!

DIY Honey Bee Glitter Soap #craft #diy #homemadesoap #glitterDon’t feel intimidated, because I know there’s some complex DIY soap tutorials out there – using weird ingredients or dozens of steps – but this is one of the awesome EASY ones. Y’all know how I don’t have time to waste on unnecessary steps or crafts!

DIY Honey Bee Glitter Soap #craft #diy #homemadesoap #glitter


DIY Honey Bee Glitter Soap #craft #diy #homemadesoap #glitter


  1. Cut the goat’s milk soap base and place into a microwave safe bowl. Heat for 30 seconds.
  2. Add Shea butter to bowl and microwave at 30 second intervals until mixture is melted.
  3. Add coconut oil to bowl
  4. Add honey to bowl
  5. Add coloring to soap mixture
  6. Add glitter to the bowl and mix everything together.
  7. Gently pour or spoon soap mixture into mold.
  8. Spray the top of the soap with the rubbing alcohol. Allow to harden for at least an hour. Gently pop out and store in an airtight container or ziplock bag until ready to use.

DIY Honey Bee Glitter Soap #craft #diy #homemadesoap #glitterSee, I told you it was SUPER easy! You can switch up the colors as you’d like – for the ‘honey bee’ theme of this DIY soap, we thought yellow was the perfect choice. And check out those awesome honeycomb & bee designs!

DIY Honey Bee Glitter Soap #craft #diy #homemadesoap #glitterYou don’t HAVE to add glitter to this if you don’t want to – totally up to you! We just thought it was a bit more fun that way.

DIY Honey Bee Glitter Soap #craft #diy #homemadesoap #glitter

What soap design would YOU choose?

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