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Easy DIY Jet Packs and BONUS Monster-Making Fun Kits

 If you’re stopping by from The Frugal Foodie Mama, I want to give a big WELCOME and THANKS for stopping by!!! And to anyone else, stopping by from, well anywhere – WELCOME and THANKS to you, as well! Gotta share the love to all, right? Like usual when I’m guest posting for Carrie @ the Frugal Foodie Mama, I have TWO wonderful and totally fun things to share with you today. First up, the absolutely darling (and easy!) DIY Jet Packs my little Superman is modeling for you in the above photo. Out of about twenty pics, this was the ONLY one not blurry because he just wanted to fly around. Too cute!

Easy Jet Pack Tutorial / Bonus Monster Activity / Busy Mom's Helper

Two 2-liter soda bottles (empty) – may discard lids
Small piece of sand paper
Silver spray paint
Duct/Gorilla Tape
String, yarn or ribbon
Orange cellophane or tissue paper

Take the labels off the soda bottles. Lightly sand paper the bottles all over (this helps the spray paint stick better).

Spray paint all over the bottles, allow to dry. Use a second coat if you want – I didn’t see a need to.

Use duct or gorilla tape to attach the bottles together – also put the string/yarn/ribbon as straps attached by the tape and tying. Be sure to measure it to your child, or they may not be able to get their arms in if it’s too small.

Put a small piece of rolled tape inside the bottle top, then stick the orange cellophane/paper so it’s attached and sticks out (these are the flames from the jet packs).

Viola – complete, and so much fun!!!

What color would YOUR kiddos make their DIY Jet Packs?

And as promised……a second fun and super simple project for you today!

These Monster-Making felt kits are so much fun for the kids, and you can make them in minutes (or longer, depends on you)!

Felt – various colors

Use the scissors to cut out various shapes for your monsters – Heads, Hair, Eyes, Noses, Mouths, Teeth, Scars, Horns, Ears, Bolts…..get creative!

Then just let your kids create and recreate fun monsters and other Halloween fun creatures!

If you want, you can also put magnets on the back of it all and have it stay together better. Really, the options are only dependent on yours (and your kids’) imagination!

More Halloween Fun…..

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