DIY Pirate Ship Bed

I have to tell you, I was slightly nervous as to how well our DIY Pirate Ship Bed would hold up against our 3-year-old…but it’s been fantastic! Very sturdy, and no issues at all. Well, except for Hubby knocking over the spyglass once, but easily repaired!

DIY Pirate Ship Bed / by #boysroom #remodel #boybed #pirates

This part of my boys’ Pirate Bedroom Makeover was super easy (most of it was, but this one especially). I was so relieved, being a little tired from the DIY Pirate Treehouse! They are so in love with their room and beds, though, that any work put into it was well worth it! Now YOU can learn how to turn a basic twin-sized bed into a fun DIY Pirate Ship Bed, too!

DIY Pirate Ship Bed / by #boysroom #remodel #boybed #pirates

Note: Our bed had a basic wood board frame already, so you may have to get a couple more boards than we did. Also, your bed may vary in height and such,  so be sure to measure lots so you get the correct pieces!


  • Two 24″ x 24-28″ boards. These make the front of the boat
  • Two hinges. For the front of the boat pieces to hook together
  • Wood screws/screwdriver
  • Tall board for mast. I did 60″ x 5″
  • Two thin pieces of board for mast. I used 40″ x 2″
  • Black, Red and White cheap plastic tablecloths, for mast. Can use fabric, if preferred.
  • Tape, for attaching tablecloths
  • Cardboard pieces, to cover the hole at the front of bed where the spyglass will go.


  1. Paint any/all pieces, if you want them to match.
  2. Attach your tall board for the mast. I sat it directly above the head board and fastened it with wood screws all up it. DIY Pirate Ship Bed / by #boysroom #remodel #boybed #pirates
  3. Use more wood screws to attach the two thin boards across the tall board for the mast. These give you something to attach your tablecloths/fabric to.  DIY Pirate Ship Bed / by #boysroom #remodel #boybed #pirates
  4. I used tape to attach the black, red and white tablecloths (cheap plastic…but it works great) to the backside of the two thing boards.  DIY Pirate Ship Bed / by #boysroom #remodel #boybed #pirates
  5. For the front of the Pirate Ship Bed, use wood screws to attach the two square-ish boards to the end of the bed posts. Use the hinges to connect the boards together at the tip. To cover the gaping hole between the foot of bed and tip, I just hot glued in some cardboard pieces. DIY Pirate Ship Bed / by #boysroom #remodel #boybed #pirates  DIY Pirate Ship Bed / by #boysroom #remodel #boybed #pirates   DIY Pirate Ship Bed / by #boysroom #remodel #boybed #pirates
  6. I looped a random piece of cardboard up on the end and hot glued it to the other cardboard pieces, then hot glued a Spyglass on top of it (to make your own spyglass, check out the tutorial from our Pirate Party). DIY Pirate Ship Bed / by #boysroom #remodel #boybed #pirates
  7. I then added decor such as this captain’s wheel (found on Amazon), and one of the banners leftover from the Pirate Party. For the palm tree, I just painted some triangle-tube boxes we had laying around (from an Amazon order, probably), attached them together and to the wall, then cut out green poster board into leaves.  DIY Pirate Ship Bed / by #boysroom #remodel #boybed #pirates

So simple and VERY cost effective! The boys LOVE their Pirate Ship Bed! They’re STILL constantly in their room playing pirates…and yes, bedtime is still a bit of a struggle because they’d rather play in their room than sleep.

DIY Pirate Ship Bed / by #boysroom #remodel #boybed #pirates

Ahoy, Matey!!!

DIY Pirate Ship Bed / by #boysroom #remodel #boybed #pirates


DIY Pirate Ship Bed / by #boysroom #remodel #boybed #pirates

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  • I love this project, and it’s sister project of the tree house! Both very cool. My son would love to have one like this. We would love to see you come link it up to Snickerdoodle Sunday opening at 5 pm on Sat until 8 am on Tuesday. Hope to see you there.

  • that is perfect for a boys room. Mine would love it. What a simple and great project! thanks so much for linking up to Create Link Inspire. You are featured today on Nap-Time Creations. Come check it out! Emily

  • I love this type of creativity! I am sure the lucky little boy who gets to sleep there LOVES it. 🙂 Way to go.

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