Doctors Unit Study Printable Pack

Just about every child I know has a little doctor’s kit – and let’s be honest, raise your hand if your kids have watched Doc McStuffins on repeat. *Raises hand* Why not turn that time and those toys into a learning opportunity? This Free Doctor Unit Study Printable Pack can do just that!

Doctor Unit Study Printable Pack - Busy Mom's Helper

This would also be great if you homeschool or you have a budding doctor at your house, or maybe your child will need to see the doctor soon and you want them to learn about the experience beforehand.

Doctor Unit Study Printable Pack - Busy Mom's Helper

We enjoy encouraging creative and imaginative play at our house and even though school will be out soon, this would be a fantastic way to keep the learning going and help out with the “Summer slump” in learning that kids tend to experience. They even get to interview a real life doctor! How cool is that?

Make sure you print extra copies or use a laminator to make these a bit sturdier if you’re planning to use them with multiple children. You’ll definitely want to keep this on hand for summer learning!

Download & print your Doctors Unit Study HERE

How would you use our Doctors Unit Study with your kids?

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