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Door Makeover with Modern Masters plus a Giveaway!

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I’m totally stoked to share with y’all today! I’ve been looking forward to this post for several weeks, and FINALLY have it complete for showing off. Not being a fan of boring, plain white doors like my house was full of when we moved in, I jumped at the opportunity for a Door Makeover with Modern Masters!

Door Makeover with Modern Masters / by Busy Mom

What a transformation, right?! We built our house on a budget last year, so we went with a lot of basic, standard things, including boring paint. I’ve slowly been repainting some of the rooms (long ways to go still…so lots of room makeovers to come!), and thanks to Modern Masters Front Door Paint I now have some doors that are fun and ‘POP’, instead of the boring white.

Door Makeover with Modern Masters / by Busy Mom

I first heard about Modern Masters at Snap! Conference I went to this past April. First of all, fabulous ladies who really knew their product and could answer all my questions. As I looked into their door paint more, I noticed they really tried to make painting and remodeling extra fun, and added personality to their colors…literally! When you choose a paint color, it isn’t just ‘purple’ or ‘berry’. The deep purple shade I chose is Spontaneous. The crisp grey shade I chose for my stenciling is called Mysterious. They have 24 gorgeous colors based on the emotional color wheel, so you can find the perfect match for YOU. See, super fun!

So first of all, I applied my Spontaneous paint to my boring door. I did three coats just to make sure I had adequate coverage (two looked great, but I figured why not do another….can you tell I love painting?). You should know….I did two doors, one side on each. My bedroom door, and my craft room door. So that means I did SIX coats (two doors, one sided, times three coats)……..

Door Makeover with Modern Masters / by Busy Mom

…..and still had THIS much leftover in the quart container!

Door Makeover with Modern Masters / by Busy Mom

Ya, a little goes a long way and I LOVE to have extra paint for touch-ups down the road (kids create scuffs, we all know this), or even for adding it to other spots in a room to tie in the color. Woot Woot!

I then used this design from my favorite stencil company, Royal Design Studio, to create my pattern on the flat main parts of my doors. The Mysterious color was a perfect accent….it stands out, but also blends well at the same time. A great ‘pop’ without a ‘wham, in your face’!

Door Makeover with Modern Masters / by Busy Mom

Clean-up was a cinch….I did get a bit of paint on my doorknobs (I loosened them, but could not for the life of me get them OFF the door), but once it dried I simply peeled off the unwanted parts and it was perfectly clean! I’m all for the easy. Modern Masters paint also dries quickly (but not TOO quickly), and I could easily apply my next coat after about two hours….but it was fine to touch within one, which makes it nice when I’m still going in and out of the doors I’m painting. I love the satiny finish, smooth and beautiful!

Door Makeover with Modern Masters / by Busy Mom

Another perk of Modern Masters Front Door Paint? It never fades, even in the sun! Perfect in this Texas weather, that’s for sure! I really wanted to use this on my front door, but due to HOA stuff I’m not allowed to change my door color 🙁

Don’t want to paint your house doors? How about your garage doors or shutters? It works great on those, also! I love flexibility.

Door Makeover with Modern Masters / by Busy Mom

Modern Masters even has a FREE app, for iPhone or Android, that allows you to instantly see how their Front Door Paint can look on your doors! Genius, right? And don’t forget to swing by their Modern Masters Cafe Blog!

Front Door Paint is available at selected Lowe’s and Ace Hardwares as well as online via Amazon or the Modern Masters online shop. One of my nearest Lowe’s that’s now carrying this is in Fort Worth – so my neighbors already know where to head to nab up there fun new door paint!

Door Makeover with Modern Masters / by Busy Mom

Now it’s YOUR turn to transform some doors or shutters into a fun, beautiful expression of YOU! One lucky reader will receive a FREE Quart (remember how far that much paint will go?) of Modern Masters Front Door Paint in the color (expression) of their choice!

Must be at least 18 years of age to enter. Only valid for the Continental US. Giveaway courtesy of Modern Masters and Busy Mom’s Helper. Please see complete Terms and Conditions in the Rafflecopter Giveaway below. 

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