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Easy Meals with Noodles

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You know, I always think that life is crazy and just couldn’t get busier – then it proves me wrong and our schedules get even more insane. Luckily there’s some delicious, go-to foods I can rely on for those nights I don’t have a ton of time (like most nights!). If you’re in a rush for mealtime like me, you can whip up a ton of amazing, Easy Meals with Noodles and have a little more time to tackle that to-do list!

Easy Meals with Noodles #AD #NoYolks #IC #NoOtherNoodle

So why noodles, you may ask? I love that they’re so versatile – while people may think only of stroganoff or casseroles, they can be used to whip up so many more varieties of meals. I grabbed a bunch of No Yolks noodles at the store so I’d have plenty on-hand for the busy fall we have ahead, and can’t wait to try them in tasty dishes like Sriracha Cheesy Noodles, or even Noodles with Kale and Walnut Pesto. You can even nab a coupon for $0.50 off when stocking up on our own No Yolks Noodles!

Easy Meals with Noodles #AD #NoYolks #IC #NoOtherNoodle

I love that No Yolks is a healthy egg noodle alternative – it’s made from eggs whites so has no cholesterol. They’re low in fat AND sodium, and always cook up smooth, firm and fluffy because they’re high-quality. With all their varieties – like Broad, Extra Broad, Fine, Kluski, Dumplings and even Stir-Fry – you can use them in all sorts of unique, simple and easy-to-make meals. Give them a try in your favorite soup, like Miso or French Onion even!

Easy Meals with Noodles #AD #NoYolks #IC #NoOtherNoodle

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Easy Meals with Noodles #AD #NoYolks #IC #NoOtherNoodle

Stock up on your favorite type of No Yolks noodles the next time you’re at the store (don’t forget your coupon for $0.50 off!) and you’ll be all set for those busy nights when you want a delicious, amazing meal to feed your family but don’t have a ton of time to spend in the kitchen. You’ll be surprised at how many different dishes you can whip up with noodles, so don’t be afraid to try something new!

What’s YOUR favorite noodle dish?

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