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Everything You Need to Know about Tipping at Disney World

Are tips accepted in Disney World? Absolutely – but with exceptions. While some Cast members are required to not accept tips for the most part, there are some positions at Disney where customary tipping is expected. Those cast members are paid by Disney as tipped employees, which means they can earn up to $3 less than minimum wage. When you vacation in Disney World, be sure to bring enough cash to cover tips for transportation, certain hotel services, and food servers. Here’s everything you need to know about Tipping at Disney World!

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Who are “Tipped Employees?”

The following job types are classified as “tipped” and will gladly accept gratuity for their services.

Drivers: Obviously, the taxi service, or ride share app you use takes tips, but don’t forget about the Mickey’s Magical Express driver. They are your first point of contact on your Walt Disney World vacation and they work hard to make the experience magical. They’ll appreciate the gratuity. Generally, have $1 or $2 handy per piece of luggage they store and retrieve for you. The drivers on the internal buses do not take tips.

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Hotel Services: Bell Service cast members are also tipped employees. Generally, anyone handling your bags will accept gratuity. The usual amount is $1 to $2 per bag. Salon and spa services are also tipped. Gratuity for massage, pedicure, etc. should be between 15% and 20% depending on the quality of service.

Food Service: Servers at table service restaurants do accept tips. It is also customary to tip at buffet restaurants, but not counter service or kiosks. The average tip for food service is 18% of the bill before tax. The minimum suggested tip is 15%.

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Recognizing the Exceptional Efforts of Non-Tipped Employees

Non tipped Cast members include: ride operators, custodial cast members, outdoor venders and basically anybody not mentioned above. They cannot accept tips unless they have refused up to three times. Even then, the tip is taken to management. The best way to recognize these people for doing an exemplary job is to request a Great Service Fanatic card. You can also call or email Guest Communications: 407-824-4321 [email protected] You can even tweet @WDWToday with #castmembercompliment to show them some extra love and recognition!

Tipping at Disney World #disneyworld #waltdisneyworld #money #travel #familytravel #travelhacks #disneytrip #disneyvacation #castmemember

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