Exercises to Relieve Stress for Busy Moms

Life can be hard at times, especially when you have a couple of kiddos running around the house. The job of a full-time mommy is not easy and fortunately, there are a couple of exercises that will help you keep up with the kids.

Today I am going to show to you a bunch of amazing exercises that specialize in relieving stress and boosting your mood. Not just that, but you will also be filled with positive energy that will help you get through tough days. With that said, here are the best exercises to relieve stress.

Top 5 Best Exercises to Relieve Stress


Exercises to relieve stress

The fact that yoga is the first exercise featured on the list shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone since after all, yoga is the most popular exercise for people who are looking to be more in tune with their mind and body.

Yoga will help you feel more relaxed, but more importantly, it will also increase your physical strength and flexibility. Once you start learning how to control your breath, doing your daily yoga program becomes a breeze in the park!



Just like yoga, Pilates was specially created to help people relieve stress. If you are not familiar with Pilates, then you should know that it is a series of controlled movements and mat exercises that focus on enhancing your flexibility and self-aware.

After practicing Pilates for a month, your body will feel toned and your mind will be sharper than ever! The awesome thing about Pilates is that you can take classes at your local gym or even online. All you need is a mat and fifteen minutes of free time.

Long-Distance Running


Long-distance running is one of the best exercises to relieve stress. Have you ever heard of the runner’s high? You are probably not going to feel it on your first mile, but once you get it, you will have a huge smile on your face.

A pro tip here is to not start out counting the distance that you run and instead, focus on how much time you spend running. Begin with one minute of running and try to make it to five minutes. Small goals are the way to success!

Breathing Exercises to Relieve Stress

breathing exercises

Did you know that breathing exercises are powerful enough o help you feel calm and stress-free? Just think about it, you usually start breathing rapid and shallow when you are stressed. What if you switched that to slow, deep and regular breathing instead? You will be able to deal with stress much easier than before.

Here is how the folks at Harvard advise everyone to do breathing exercises to relieve stress:

  • Breathe in slowly and deeply, pushing your stomach out so that your diaphragm is put to maximal use.
  • Hold your breath briefly.
  • Exhale slowly, thinking “relax.”
  • Repeat the entire sequence five to 10 times, concentrating on breathing deeply and slowly.



Even though it might seem scary to start a class of kickbox, this is not actually the case. The trainer is not going to throw into the ring, don’t worry about it! There are special kickbox classes that focus on the basics and they are great for reducing stress.

Kickbox involves a series of controlled kicking and punching movements that will give you an outlet to blow off some steam. Not just that, but you are also getting a really good workout. In addition, it’s never a bad idea to learn some new skills, even combat skills!

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