Free Printable 2015-2016 Planner

For those of you who’ve been patiently waiting for our newest planner, thank you! We worked really  hard on getting this one just right, and love the fabulous design, clean layout and many useful pages. Get your life in order with our Free Printable 2015-2016 Planner today!

Check out our newest planner HERE for 2016-2017, or just 2017!

Free Printable 2015-2016 Planner / by Busy Mom's Helper / Free Printable Calendar

We tried to incorporate the best feedback from our last year’s planner into this new version, and kept the design fun and colorful, yet simple and clean. The cover has a nice, white space for you to add your name, a title, business name or whatever you want – heck, leave it blank if that’s what you prefer!

Free Printable 2015-2016 Planner / by Busy Mom's Helper / Free Printable Calendar

Inside the cover page (so starting on the left page) is a left-and-right spread of the 2015 and 2016 Years at a Glance. I like to highlight holidays and birthdays, just so as I’m really quick skimming that page I can see important things.

Free Printable 2015-2016 Planner / by Busy Mom's Helper / Free Printable Calendar

After those pages we begin our months – a left-and-right spread of the monthly calendar, then each week in that month fits on it’s own 2-page spread for the next four or five pages. On the Monthly Spreads we even included a different quote for each – giving some inspiration as you handle your planning! Of course, on the monthly planner pages we kept a section for notes, as well as the previous and following months ‘at a glance’.

Free Printable 2015-2016 Planner / by Busy Mom's Helper / Free Printable Calendar

Free Printable 2015-2016 Planner / by Busy Mom's Helper / Free Printable Calendar

The weekly was fun – and due to your wonderfully helpful feedback, we made sure to have plenty of white space for writing, and for doodles! On the left page is the month/year along the edge, then the week going down the page in rows with the date on the right side of the rows – complete with a place for Notes at the bottom. The right page is for the Weekly Menu, shopping list, and even more space for notes.

Free Printable 2015-2016 Planner / by Busy Mom's Helper / Free Printable Calendar

Free Printable 2015-2016 Planner / by Busy Mom's Helper / Free Printable Calendar

After the month/week spreads that take us from August 2015 through December 2016, there’s a 2-page spread for Contacts. Spots for name, address, phone and email on a clean and easy-to-read page!

Free Printable 2015-2016 Planner / by Busy Mom's Helper / Free Printable Calendar

The very last page is for Birthday & Important Dates. I don’t know about you, but I definitely can’t remember all that throughout the year! This will help keep dates organized!

Free Printable 2015-2016 Planner / by Busy Mom's Helper / Free Printable Calendar

The total page count for this is 188 single pages – printing them double-sided helps bring that down to 94 😀 The size is currently 8.5×11 – we also have a smaller version HERE for those that want to carry it around in your purse! Now go print this off, bind it as you wish, and start getting your life planned – perhaps adding a Disney vacation on the calendar while you’re at it (affiliate link – use Promo Code: BMH15 for $10 off your vacation package)!

Download our Free Printable 2015-2016 Planner Here

Go HERE for our smaller version!

Free Printable 2015-2016 Planner / by Busy Mom's Helper / Free Printable Calendar

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19 Responses to “Free Printable 2015-2016 Planner”

  • I just started using your planner from last year and I LOVE the Morning/Afternoon/Evening weekly spread. So sad that it’s not part of this year. I do like the incorporation of a weekly shopping list. That is a very nice addition.

  • I love everything it includes! Do you have a smaller version than the 8 1/2 x 11? I like to carry it with me and my purse isn’t quite that big ?

  • Hi Danielle,
    Love your planner pages! I really like the pages you have chosen. Will you be uploading a mini binder version? I am in the process of getting organized with a diy planner.

  • I used your planner last year and love it! I cant wait to get this one set up! Is there any way we can have the day/week breakup that does the hour slots (if that makes sense). I had made my own for last year’s and I love it, but it wasn’t near as pretty as your pages!

  • Great Job! I am still in love with last years planner 2014-2015. IWhere did you get the random circles from in last years planner

  • I just printed it and love it already! Thank you very much for taking the time to make it (must take enough time to do), for making it pretty and girly, printable and free. I’ve already recommended it to my mommy friends who want to get organized too! 🙂 P.S. Love your name 🙂

  • I like the 2 page per month calendar sheets you had for 2015. They were nice & neutral. I downloaded them for my son’s school agenda. I was disappointed when I found the sheets for 2016 & they are so feminine. Is there any chance of you doing up some monthly sheets for 2016 in the gender-neutral design you made for 2015? Please let me know. Thanks!

  • I found your planner last year when I couldn’t find Martha Stewart’s calendar inserts at Staples late in January. I liked the morning, afternoon, and evening breakdowns that Martha Stewart’s calendar had, and was looking for that format, and was so happy when I found yours. I am sad that you don’t have that in 2016 version. I feel like you can have the weekly menu page as a separate insert that people can add to their week in their binder, which is my set up, rather than building it into every week.

  • I love the clean and fresh design of this printable planner. I love using such planners as I often forget important dates and events. I use calendars also for having organized house cleaning routine! Thanks for the printable!

  • Yours is the first planner I’ve found that does the (Australian) financial year. But sadly, I can’t open it in Adobe to print it. Such a shame as I love it

  • Thank you for this! I love your planner and I think it is just perfect for so many! To those who have said they can’t open it or print it- try a different pdf reader. There are many that are available for download. One I love is Foxit Reader (I think that is the name of it.

  • Lovely! I was just looking for a nice new planner. I still didn’t find any time to make one and I desperately need one to organize my cleaning and organizing routine! I have an old cleaning schedule that I was still looking at but for the new year I want a new one! I think that is one will be just great for me! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Hi Danielle,

    I really appreciate your time and effort to create a beautiful and helpful calendar. I am not a mom but a student, and I find this calendar is perfect for me to plan my classes in the entire semester.

    Once again, thank you so much for your hard work.

  • This is so awesome THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!! I am a busy momma of 5! my 2 year old is at risk for autism and this will help me keep up with everything. Again Thank You

  • First I would like to say I love your planners! THANK YOU! You said you like feedback, so I am going to give mine. Keep the bright colors! Keep the older year links for the extra pages! I supplemented with them for this year, cause I just loved the extra pages to customize, especially the hubby pages. Made me keep him in my thoughts through my busy day! I will be awaiting next year’s planner. I also miss the morning/afternoon/evening setup as others have said. I think your planners are better than the purchasable ones by far. You are a blessing!

  • I have been looking very hard for a cute and simple document that has 2-page per month calendars. I’m so glad I found this one!! Are you planning on making one for 2016-2017? Working on creating my teacher planner and would love to have those pages for it!

    Thank you!
    Kayla Austin

  • Getting things together for the fall. Can’t wait for the new planner!! It has been so helpfu for me as a mom of two wild boys ages 3 and 5. My 5 year old will be starting school and I am going back to school (cringe). I will definitely be needing some organization this year. I have been using your planner for two years and Love It. THANK YOU!!

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