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Frozen 2 is Magical

We all know how much of a hit the first movie was, so I was both thrilled and nervous to attend a screening for the new Frozen 2. Would it live up to the high expectations set by it’s predecessor? Will the music be as epic as ‘Let it Go’? I was hopeful, planning on it being a great film though likely a little below the level of the original. I was totally wrong – it’s AMAZING, and I dare say a perfect equal in quality, entertainment, music & more! Read on to see why Frozen 2 is Magical for the whole family!

Frozen 2 is Magical #Frozen2 #partner

Don’t worry, I won’t give you any spoilers, because following along on the Arendelle Royals’ adventure yourself is half the fun! Here’s why I consider Frozen 2 just as unforgettable as the first…

Visually Stunning

From gorgeous landscapes, to unique characters and realistic storms, the creators and animators should be proud of such a beautiful film. It makes me long to visit this land myself!

Frozen 2 is Magical #Frozen2 #partner

New Obstacles & Adventure

There’s a new threat to Arendelle, and we know that sisters Elsa and Anna – along with Kristoff, Olaf and Sven – won’t stop until they make the right next step. Even if that means facing terrifying forces beyond their control, or making a difficult sacrifice.

Frozen 2 is Magical #Frozen2 #partner

New Creatures

We all fell madly in love with Olaf, and while he’s still that amazing, hilarious snowman who we all adore – who still likes warm hugs – there’s some new faces we can’t help but admire. For example, this firey little guy with huge, awwww-worthy eyes. I want one! Not all of the creatures we meet will be ‘cute’, though, as you’ll soon find out.

Frozen 2 is Magical #Frozen2 #partner

Even Better Soundtrack

We all know how popular and beautiful ‘Let it Go’ was – and still is – so my biggest concern going into this film was if the music could live up to the first. Guess what – I love the music in Frozen 2 even better! While my kids would sign ‘Let it Go’ repeatedly, there’s several songs in this one that even I want to run out and buy the soundtrack for. Songs that are strong, touching, beautiful, lively, sweet and everything in between will be found along the way.

Frozen 2 is Magical #Frozen2 #partner

More Answers

We had a few questions after Frozen, and luckily some get answered! Backstories are shared, relationships mature and we see deeper, plus things that aren’t quite as they seemed before.

Frozen 2 is Magical #Frozen2 #partner

Frozen 2 hits theaters this week, November 22nd!

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