Frozen Inspired Spoon Wreath & Giveaway

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of fun spoon wreaths all over the internet, and if you’re like me you’re totally intimidated! I love them, but kept putting off actually creating one because I hate complicated projects. When I finally just bucked up and did one, I was happily surprised that it was really simple! Don’t believe me? Check out this beautiful Frozen Inspired Spoon Wreath I made! Plus a GIVEAWAY!!!

Frozen Inspired Spoon Wreath / by Busy Mom's Helper #frozen #wreath #decor

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I’ve been wanting something to go over Wonder Woman’s bed since I made her Frozen Bedroom. I originally put our wreath up there, but it was heavy and after it fell down right onto her pillow once (luckily NOT while she was in bed), I removed it. It left a big blank space that was designed for a nice focal point….yuck! So when I finally convinced myself to try making a spoon wreath, I knew exactly where it would go!

Frozen Inspired Spoon Wreath / by Busy Mom's Helper #frozen #wreath #decor


Note: I did a really large wreath, and used about 135ish spoons.


  1. Using wire cutters, clip off the handles from your spoons. Wear gloves (like gardening gloves) to protect your hands from blisters! Careful, as little shards might clip off occasionally. Lay your finished spoons out and spray paint your base color. I did a light blue, then sprayed them all with a sparkle. (I finish the edges later with a silver, read on). Allow to dry, so they’re not still sticky!Frozen Inspired Spoon Wreath / by Busy Mom's Helper #frozen #wreath #decor
  2. I recommend spray painting your cardboard, in case there’s gaps. I sprayed my spoons over cardboard, so just cut my circle from that. You can also use foam board, if you prefer. Get your cardboard/foam circle and, starting from the OUTSIDE edge, hot glue your spoons into place. Work around the outside edge, then move in slightly for your next layer to overlap the bottom. Frozen Inspired Spoon Wreath / by Busy Mom's Helper #frozen #wreath #decor Frozen Inspired Spoon Wreath / by Busy Mom's Helper #frozen #wreath #decor
  3. Just keep gluing, just keep gluing! Go until you have the center that will fit your mirror. Frozen Inspired Spoon Wreath / by Busy Mom's Helper #frozen #wreath #decor This is where I took my finished spoon part and just sprayed silver AT AN ANGLE towards the outside row. It gave it a little dimension!
  4. Once it’s all dry, work on your mirror. Get your vinyl lettering or design (I printed mine on my Silhouette Cameo) and place it carefully on your mirror. Paint over it and allow to dry. I did two coats to ensure smooth coverage. Make sure it’s fully dry before moving on!Frozen Inspired Spoon Wreath / by Busy Mom's Helper #frozen #wreath #decor
  5. Very carefully peel off the vinyl. If there’s any goofs, just touch it up with a tiny bit of paint.Frozen Inspired Spoon Wreath / by Busy Mom's Helper #frozen #wreath #decor
  6. Take little pieces of cardboard/foam board and hot glue them in a stack in the center of your wreath. This is so the mirror can go in place overlapping the spoons (to avoid gaps) and lay nicely flat. I had to use about 4-5 squares of cardboard to get mine the appropriate height. Hot glue the mirror down. Hot glue some ribbon to the back in a loop for hanging. Frozen Inspired Spoon Wreath / by Busy Mom's Helper #frozen #wreath #decor

I’m thrilled with how beautiful the wreath turned out!

Frozen Inspired Spoon Wreath / by Busy Mom's Helper #frozen #wreath #decor

Once I get to remodel my master bedroom, I’m totally doing another one! I love that you can customize these to fit your preference of color, design, size….even the center can be switched from a mirror to a photo, or whatever you feel like. Now Wonder Woman has a pretty focal point over her headboard, and it’s lightweight so I’m not worried about it falling down on her during the night!

Frozen Inspired Spoon Wreath / by Busy Mom's Helper #frozen #wreath #decor

More Frozen Fun from Get Away Today

Our friends at Get Away Today are full of Frozen excitement lately! First of all, here’s 3 Easy Frozen Inspired Ways to Give a Disney Vacation! They even have a free printable letter from Elsa you can print off. Super cute!!!

Frozen Inspired Spoon Wreath / by Busy Mom's Helper #frozen #wreath #decor

They’re also spilling the beans on More Frozen Fun coming to Disneyland in 2015! I’m super excited about this one because we’ll be going next October….Woot Woot! Head on over to their blog to learn all the ‘chillingly’ awesome details!

Frozen Inspired Spoon Wreath / by Busy Mom's Helper #frozen #wreath #decor

Win 2 Frozen Princess Dresses for the Frozen Fan in Your Life!

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Head over to Get Away Today to book your next Disney vacation, and use Promo Code: BusyMomsHelper for $10 off your package!

DIY Frozen Shirts / by Busy Mom's Helper #SouperPower #CleverGirls

Frozen's Olaf Treat Jar from Yahoo! DIY / by Busy Mom's Helper #YahooDIY #Olaf #Frozen

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

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