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Frozen Inspired Wreath

Frozen Inspired Wreath
Have you seen the movie Frozen, yet? We went on my birthday, and it was FABULOUS! Seriously, such a cute story, unique, and the music is just addicting. Ever since we purchased the soundtrack, my kids want to listen to it Every. Single. Day. It’s really fun, because we’ll all be singing along, rocking out. I really recommend you go see it, if you haven’t, especially if you have kids.
My favorite is Olaf – seen here on the wreath. Couldn’t have a Frozen item without him on it!!!
Frozen Inspired Wreath
My daughter, especially, is OBSESSED with it – especially the sister Elsa (who has the Ice powers). She got the dolls for Christmas, loves singing ‘her’ song, and loves blue swirls. So while I was brainstorming a wreath to decorate our otherwise plain door for the next few moths, I decided that a fun Frozen themed one was just perfect for our family. It turned out absolutely adorable, and since I was able to get all of the items on clearance after Christmas, it cost me less than $6! Woo-hoo (I do a little jig on my yoga ball)!!!
Frozen Inspired Wreath
Frosted/snowy wreath – $2.75 clearance at Michaels
2 Blue swirls – $1 each clearance at Walmart
Silver leaf/ball decor piece – $1 clearance at Walmart
Olaf & Sisters cut outs – FREE! I cute them off the box her dolls came in
Hot glue, two little strips of ribbon, colorful ribbon bow
Fluff the snowy branches of the wreath, if needed.
Take the swirly pieces and bend their wire around the wreath frame where you want them.
Hot glue the cardboard pieces to a tiny strip of ribbon, then tie that around the frame so they stay in place.
That’s it – display it for all to enjoy. LOVE IT!!!
Frozen Inspired Wreath
Now – go see that movie!


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