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Graduation Gift Bottle Set

It’s that time of year again. The time when you get lots of announcements of those lucky ducks finally leaving school and heading on to ‘adulthood’. This is all exciting and great, sure, but a problem arises: what gift to give? Well, I’ve got you covered with this fun and stylish Graduation Gift Bottle Set, with Free Printables!

Graduation Gift Bottle Set with Free Printables / by #Gift #Graduation #Printable

Whether it’s a neighbor friend, childhood buddy, sibling or other relative, this Graduation Gift Bottle Set is totally changeable. Each bottle label has different fun things you can fill the bottle with (unless you feel like leaving it as soda…that’s totally fun, too!).

Graduation Gift Bottle Set with Free Printables / by #Gift #Graduation #Printable

Here’s the different labels you can switch around:

  • Congratulations SMARTIE PANTS You did it! – Add Smarties
  • Your future is looking Bright! – Add Lemon Heads, or other ‘bright’ thing
  • Hard work will result in positive change! – Add a bunch of coins
  • You’ve got a Whopper of an adventure ahead of you! – Add Whoppers
  • Here’s some DOUGH to get you by! – Add some bills, $1, $5, whatever!
  • Here’s to your sweet success! – Add candy, something sweet (I did Skittles)

Graduation Gift Bottle Set with Free Printables / by #Gift #Graduation #Printable

Supplies Needed

  • Free Printables (located at very bottom of this post)
  • 6-pack of Crush Soda
  • Scissors
  • Tape or Glue Dots
  • Treats and/or money to fill the bottles with

Graduation Gift Bottle Set with Free Printables / by #Gift #Graduation #Printable


  1. Print off the Free Printables
  2. If you’re not keeping the soda, make sure the bottles are emptied, washed, and dried out completely.
  3. Cut out the Printables. Tape or Glue them to their appropriate place on the bottles and box.
  4. Fill with the treats and/or money you choose.
  5. Give your gift!!!

Graduation Gift Bottle Set with Free Printables / by #Gift #Graduation #Printable

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Graduation Gift Bottle Set

Graduation Gift Bottle Set Free Printables

Box Sides

Box Ends

Caps & Handle

Bottle Wrap Set 1

Bottle Wrap Set 2

Bottle Wrap Set 3

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