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Grinch Who Stole Christmas Party

One thing I really enjoy doing is making themed family nights based on movies we watch together. Remember our Monster Party from this summer, before we went to see Monsters University? That was so much fun! The kids love things like this, and it’s definitely something that can bring the whole family together laughing. So I decided to do a How the Grinch Stole Christmas party!
Grinch stole Christmas Party / Busy Mom's Helper
I love the atmosphere of happiness, fun and love at Christmas-time. Now, I’m not talking the atmosphere at stores such as Walmart, where everyone is cranky, mean and in a hurry. That’s just horrible anytime, especially this time of year. I’m meaning the kids excitement, the counting down fun, and bright lights that put a smile on your face, giving to others, extra opportunities for serve – all of that just really lifts me up out of my normal slump. It’s WONDERFUL!
The Meal
For ‘Who Hash, we did mashed potatoes mixed with ham bits and cheese.
Who Pudding was simply Tapioca pudding turned green. Thinking back, I would’ve done it red.
Our drink was a pink-red Cindy Lou Who Punch. Simply some juice ice cubes in Cherry Pomegranate Crystal Light.
These Grinch Heart Cookies were just fun. I didn’t do them in heart shapes, but the cookie itself is pink (heart) and the cinnamon-sugar outside is green (Grinch fuzz, or whatever). Simple Snickerdoodles!
Want to print your own cards? Here’s some fun printables for you!
I included an empty one, so you can fill in your own little meal name!
The Activity
Needing something quick and simple, we did these coloring pages. Most of my kids LOVE art activities, so it was a winner! I even added this fun poem I found online (don’t know the source, but know that it wasn’t me that came up with it)!
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