DIY Halloween Luminaries

Since I was already making some fun Halloween projects the other day, I kept on going with some random jars and bottles we had around the house to make these DIY Halloween Luminaries. We had fun choosing colors and faces, plus adding sparkles because, come on, sparkles are awesome! You don’t need much to do this simple Halloween craft, so let’s get started!

Halloween Luminaries

If you’re looking for other Halloween ideas, don’t miss our Halloween Party Favors or Halloween Labels we shared the past few days. There’s also a cute witch hat, monster windows or witch broom party gifts! For this specific project, you only need some jars, paint, glitter (if you want), brushes and stickers or vinyl for any faces or decals. Then a little Tea Light or Glow Stick inside lets it glow!

Halloween Luminaries


  • Jars (clean/empty mason, medicine or food jars are great)
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Glitter
  • Vinyl or Stickers
  • Tea Lights or Glow Sticks


  1. Make sure your jars are clean and dry. Paint a thin coat of paint (you want the light to be able to come through). If doing glitter, sprinkle a little on while it’s still wet. Don’t forget to paint the lids, too! Allow to dry.
  2. Add vinyl faces, designs, text or stickers to the jars – such as a fun pumpkin face on an orange jar with a green top! Or do a green jar with a black lid and add Frankenstein scars!
  3. Put a little tea light or glow stick inside, then allow it to glow in fun colors.

Halloween Luminaries

I told you it was simple – your kids will have a great time putting together their own glowing jars! My favorite is the pumpkin, but a purple witch is pretty cute, too.

How would YOU design your jars?

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