Hands-on Learning for Kids

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Through my own life, and especially now as a parent with multiple children, I’ve learned that there’s many different types of learning styles. I’m more of a visual learner, while others are auditory. Some learn best by more creative ways, while some are more analytical. Regardless of what style matches best, I think we can all agree on the benefits of Hands-on Learning for Kids. Inspiring kids to ‘do’ as they’re learning can really help the skills and lessons stick, and help set them up for a more successful future.

As I’ve gotten older, it seems my learning speed has sure slowed – probably due to a mixture of busyness (not actively learning) and parental exhaustion. Kids, on the other hand, really learn fast – but when it’s more hands-on they can learn even faster! That’s why 4-H Wellness 360º program is kicking off their year-long national campaign ‘Inspire Kids to Do‘ with 30 Days of Doing. It celebrates all kiddos across the nation who don’t just watch, but also ‘do’ with purpose with awesome tools, tips, as well as resources and stories for parents and children. It’s a great way to get more hands-on learning for kids in your home or community.

Remember a bit ago when I told you all about the 4-H Wellness 360º program and how incredible it is for teens and other youth? They not only are helping teach teens essential life skills, but giving them actual experience leading their peers, thus setting them up for a bright future. Everything from cooking classes and learning about nutrition, to activities like yoga, even lessons on avoiding risky or dangerous behaviors are helping build a framework for today’s youth. By giving them the knowledge they need, along with the confidence, they can live healthier lifestyles – and then go on to share that knowledge and experience with their friends, families and peers. It’s a wonderful cycle of hands-on learning for kids, giving them the tools AND the experience to be the best they can!

There are many kids and youth out there who don’t really have opportunities to learn and grow, so I love that 4-H’s Inspire Kids to Do Campaign gives them those opportunities, and helps them develop into leaders that are ready to tackle life and – eventually – careers. This amazing campaign will help mark the path for 4-H to empower 10 million true leaders of our future, youth who DO with a purpose and can navigate themselves (and help guide others) through life’s challenges -a s well pursue their passions and actively contribute to the worth around them – all by 2025. That’s quite a goal, with a beautiful looking result.

As a parent or youth leader, YOU can be a part of kicking off 4-H’s 30 Days of Doing with a fun Twitter party! During this awesome party, you can build a ‘To Do’ list of skill-building ideas for your kiddos. Be ready to be inspired, chat with fellow doers and possibly win some prizes! To join in, all you need to is:

  • Log in to Twitter on August 28 from 9:00pm to 10:00pm EST
  • Search the party hashtags: #gno and #30DaysofDoing
  • Participate in the conversation with other moms, parents and youth leaders like you

Hands-On Learning for Kids with 4-H

After the party, be sure to participate in 30 Days of Doing – you can inspire kids to DO more by joining in hands-on, positive learning for kids with activities dealing with health, wellness and more. To get started, be sure to download 4-H’s ‘Inspire to Do’ list – and don’t forget to enter the photo contest at on September 1-30. You could even win a $10,000 scholarship for your kid! I don’t know about you, but I could DEFINITELY use some help with my kids’ future college costs.

What are your best ideas for hands-on learning for kids?

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