Printable Harry Potter Halloween Cards

We’re HUGE fans of Harry Potter in our family, especially my girl! She insists on that being her party theme when she turns 11 (because that’s when you get your first Hogwarts letter!), wants her room all magical, and dreams of owning her own ‘broomstick’ someday. When we were talking about fun Halloween class gift ideas, I knew she’d love these Printable Harry Potter Halloween Cards – complete with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Dumbledore and even Hedwig!

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These Harry Potter themed cards are perfect for class parties, friends, or even giving out to trick-or-treaters. We just stapled (you could also use tape, whatever you prefer) a fun sized candy to each in the blank area and they’re the perfect Halloween gift!

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There’s 7 different designs (the 6 different characters listed above, plus 2 different ones of Harry) but we fit 9 onto an 8.5×11 sized sheet. You get an extra Harry Potter and an extra Hedwig because, come on, everyone wants that beautiful owl!

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We tried to come up with cute, fun sayings that went along with the Harry Potter theme, such as ‘Wishing a Happy Halloween to the Brightest Witch of All!’ or ‘Hope Your Halloween is Full of Good Spells’ or ‘Hope Your Halloween’s a HOOT!’ Even Hagrid has his own little bit…

Printable Harry Potter Halloween Cards / by

Download & Print our fun Harry Potter Halloween cards HERE

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