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Household Safety Concern I Didn’t Know About

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As parents, it’s our main job to keep our family safe the best we can. Having helped my mom with her in-home daycare for many years, I already knew of many potential dangers when I became a mom. There’s still some that I didn’t learn about until later, though, and have had to adjust to keep my kids as safe as possible. One Household Safety Concern I Didn’t Know About until after having kids was cords on blinds – that was a big change we had to make!

It’s so easy to take care of the ‘larger’, more apparent items in your home when you have kids – baby gates on the stairs, outlet covers, knives put up high, those ‘kid leashes’ to help avoid getting lost or run away, etc. There’s a TON when you start to list them out! Until a few years into parenthood, I didn’t even think of the danger posed by corded blinds, and we all know that kids + cords do NOT mix!

Sadly, there’s plenty of stories out there of children who accidentally were strangled by random hanging items – be it cords, belts or similar. This is why it’s super important to use cordless window coverings and blinds in homes with young kids OR to use ones that have the cords inaccessible. I’d even go as far as to say that if you don’t have kids but do have pets, make sure either the cords are high enough your furry little ones don’t get tangled accidentally while playing or that you go with the cordless/inaccessible cords.

PSA: Only Use Cordless Window Coverings with Young Children from Window Covering Safety Council on Vimeo.

This is our first full week in our ‘new’ house – and it’s the first house we’ve owned that wasn’t actually NEW which meant we didn’t get to pick out the blinds ourselves to ensure they were safe. We’re learning all sorts household safety concerns with a 20-year-old house versus a newly built one, a big one being we need to check all the blinds, shades and window covers for cords.

Older window products with cords were a lot more common in the past, so I already am planning to switch some of the older corded ones with today’s safer products ASAP. If you’re not sure which items are the safer choice, just keep an eye out for the Best for Kids™ certification label while shopping in stores or online – it makes it simple to identify which products are the better choice for homes with young children.

Of course, there’s some household ‘dangers’ that we can’t always protect our kiddos from – such as that naptime they try so hard to put off!

Whether you’re also moving into a ‘new’ house, or just like refreshing your home for Springtime, it’s a great time to take some safety precautions that may be overlooked during the busy-ness of the rest of the year. You can even check out the Window Covering Safety Council on Facebook for more info to help you get your household safety concerns put to rest.

What household safety concerns were your biggest surprise?

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