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Housework for Busy Moms

Do you feel like the housework never ends? I sure do! This is a common complaint for busy moms and – whether you have one child or six – it can feel like the housework is constantly piling up on you. In the case of laundry and dishes, it LITERALLY can be piling up (story of my life, it seems!) However, there are a few ideas on tackling Housework for Busy Moms, to help streamline the cleaning process and help you to feel like more of your time is freed up, instead of spending it all cleaning all the time.

Housework for Busy Moms #housework #busymoms #cleaning #organizing #momtips

The housework tips below may seem so simple, but while many us might already KNOW to do these things, actually doing them is another story. After all, us moms are notorious for not asking for help – even when we really need it! Let’s try to get past that, and see if any of these ideas about housework for busy moms can help us out a bit.

Create a plan – Just like anything else in your busy life and busy schedule, making a plan will make it easier. What will you clean first? What needs to be cleaned every day and what is cleaned less often, like once a week? All of these details will go into your cleaning plan. If you’re like me and like checklists and such, check out all these great cleaning printables! It can really help our stress level just by knowing what the plan is, instead of trying to keep EVERYTHING in our head all of the time. You know what they say – being a woman is like having 237 internet tabs open, all at once, every second of the day. Let’s remove some of those tabs 🙂

Delegate what you can – If your kids are old enough, they can be helping out – don’t think you have to do it all on your own. If there are cleaning tasks you can delegate to others in the household – like your hubby, then don’t hesitate to ask them to pitch in.

Housework for Busy Moms #housework #busymoms #cleaning #organizing #momtips

Block out time for similar tasks – You can also streamline your housework by doing it in blocks and chunking similar tasks in those blocks together. Maybe you clean for 45 minutes in the morning and you knock out all the bathrooms. Then in the evening, you do dusting and vacuuming, for example. Set a timer, so you SEE your time and know that there’s a limit – you won’t be cleaning all day long. This helps me a lot, just knowing that it’s a very specific time that I’m stuck doing a task I don’t like.

These are just a few ideas to help us busy moms tackle the housework. Your mileage may vary since every home is different and your needs will be unique. However, some careful planning can help make the entire process easier for you and will help you save time. And don’t stress if there’s a few exceptions you need to address – like for me, it’s toilets – that’s a chore than hubby knows I refuse to do, so he’s wonderful and does it. Yay!

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