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Kauai: Adventures in Paradise

This Kauai Adventure Trip was provided to me free of charge by Kauai Visitors Bureau, but all opinions are mine alone. #KauaiDiscovery

I’ve dreamed my whole life of visiting Hawaii – my mom grew up there and always talked about it, people loved to vacation there and had such fond memories, so I knew it must be incredible. When I was given a chance to experience the Hawaiian island of Kauai, I couldn’t hide how completely excited I was! It was a whirlwind of a week – well, 5 and a half days to be exact – full of adventure, beautiful scenery, crazy stories and new friends. While I’ve got a lot more posts coming this summer to give you all the details for the many things we tried and saw, today I’m sharing my overall love of Kauai: Adventures in Paradise!

To be fully straight, pictures just can’t do justice to the beauty of Kauai – everywhere we were, there was greenery and colorful flowers, lovely sky above and views of lush mountains and the bluest ocean scenes I’ve ever laid eyes on. One of our guides, Robert for horseback riding, said ‘I don’t know how many shades of blue there are, but they’re all out there’ as we looked to the horizon and the jaw-dropping ocean that lay out there. He was so right! The gorgeousness everywhere was a big part of why I’m completely in love with Kauai, and can’t wait to go back! Check out this sunset view – taken just with my phone, and no editing – that’s the natural coloring of it!

Kauai: Adventures in Paradise #sponsored #KauaiDiscovery

Not only was it a textbook definition of PARADISE, but we also had a blast with all the different adventures we got to try. Some were completely out of my comfort zone, but left me wanting to do it again – like the Outfitters Kaua‘i: AdrenaLine Kaua‘i Zipline Course.

Some were a bit more relaxing, like our Capt. Andy’s Sailing Adventures: Star Nāpali Snorkel BBQ Catamaran Sail where we saw dolphins swimming along our boat, as well as SEA TURTLES (yes, I was in heaven!)…

Kauai: Adventures in Paradise #sponsored #KauaiDiscovery

Kauai: Adventures in Paradise #sponsored #KauaiDiscovery

…or the sunrise ceremony we got to enjoy nice (eeek!) and early our first morning on the island.

Kauai: Adventures in Paradise #sponsored #KauaiDiscovery

We got to try horseback riding with CJM Country Stables: Māhā‘ulepū Beach Ride over the mountains and along the beach, and my horse – named BoJangles – was quite the adventurer himself!

Kauai: Adventures in Paradise #sponsored #KauaiDiscovery

My motion sickness almost got in the way of the fantastic helicopter ride with Island Helicopters Kauaʻi that we took over to Jurassic Falls and all over the island, but even though I felt sick it was COMPLETELY worth it and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

During an off-roading ATV ride with Kīpu Ranch Adventures: Ultimate Ranch Tour, we got to see famous movie sites (like Jurassic Park, George of the Jungle, Pirates of the Caribbean and more), and even got to swing into the river by the very rope swing used in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Kauai: Adventures in Paradise #sponsored #KauaiDiscovery

No trip to Hawaii would be complete without a Luau, and with the delicious food, train ride throughout what use to be a sugar plantation, hula dancing, and an incredible show, it was an unforgettable night at Lūʻau Kalamakū.

Kauai: Adventures in Paradise #sponsored #KauaiDiscovery

We made a goal of trying a new Shaved Ice every day, and it was a challenge we were happy to attempt! I still haven’t decided which one was my favorite, though.

Kauai: Adventures in Paradise #sponsored #KauaiDiscovery

I think we adventured as much with FOOD as we did with activities – from delicious dishes, the freshest product anywhere, and so many fruity and fun drinks I thought I’d never be hungry again!

Kauai: Adventures in Paradise #sponsored #KauaiDiscovery

I was personally very happy that Kauai’s ‘color’ is purple, so we received many beautiful, fresh leis in my favorite color – sadly they couldn’t last very long, though, being real, fresh flowers.

One thing that made this a completely unforgettable trip was the fabulous group we were with – Julie and Erin, our guides for the week from the Kauai Visitor’s Bureau, were a total blast and made it their mission to ensure we were well taken care of. The other 6 gals (7 with me, plus Erin & Julie made 9 total) were all incredible, and I loved spending the week exploring and learning with them. Thank you ladies for the wonderful memories!

We weren’t expected FOUR of us to be from the Dallas area, but loved getting to know each other more – and I hope to chill with Kileen, Susie and Debra again really soon.

One other lady I absolutely MUST recognize is Sue – also known as ‘Miss Kauai’ because everyone on the island seems to know her! She’s head of the visitor’s bureau, and it’s thanks to her we got to experience this adventure and learn all that Kauai has to offer. Thank you so much, Sue!

Stay tuned for more details from my Kauai trip, coming soon!

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