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Kids Chef Hats

 My family is big on cooking. We just love food, creating and eating it! My kids share this joy, so we thought it would be fun to make them little ‘chef’ hats. It was quick, and I just used supplies I already had around. They loved it; but be warned, they aren’t made to last forever, especially with little ones!
DIY Kids Chef Hats / Busy Mom
Supplies Needed:
Tissue paper
Scrapbook paper
Kids Chef Hats
Cut 1-2 inch thick strips of scrapbook paper. Measure around their head and tape the ends together, so it’s like a snug headband.
Lay the tissue paper flat, then take each corner and tape it to the inside of the headband.
Take the remaining parts of the tissue paper that are sticking out, and fold them in. Tape them to the inside of the headband so they’re secure.
Fluff the inside so it puffs up like a Chef’s hat.
Kids Chef Hats
Superman usually loves green, but this time he threw a fit because he wants the PINK one!
Kids Chef Hats
Notes: Have fun with the colors; let their individuality and spunk show! 

Sinea over at Ducks ‘n a Row has a wonderful post on a Chef themed party by Ducks ‘n a Row! Be sure to check it out – even if it’s not a birthday, it could just be a fun mommy and kids day in the kitchen!
I’d love to see pics of some you guys come up with!

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