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Learning & Building with Circuit Blox

We received a free kit to facilitate this post. All opinions are mine alone.

Y’all know how much kids love building – creating figures, robots, towers, castles, vehicles and so much more with their wonderful imaginations. Now what if they could also learn about electricity, radio waves and more while playing? Now they can have a blast Learning & Building with Circuit Blox! I couldn’t wait to see how much they enjoyed this kit, and wasn’t disappointed – they’re already begging to try some of the other hundreds of projects it can do!

First of all, let me tell you what Circuit Blox even are: they’re interactive building blocks made with patented technology by E-Blox, making it possible for electricity to flow safely through the pieces. It’s even been named AuthenticatedTM! We tried out the Circuit Blox™ 395 – E-Blox® Circuit Board Building Blocks Toys Coding Kit for Kids to get a good feel of the variety of these kits. You can get smaller, more specific ones – or get a few and mix and match for all new projects. Our particular set contains 68 pieces that can make a whopping 395 different projects!

Learning & Building with Circuit Blox #ad #STEM

Our girls (13 and 12) enjoyed it, as well as our boys (youngest 8), so I think they’re good for a wide range of ages. Hubby was just as excited as the kids, and helped teach them about how the flow of power works, what happens if you switch certain pieces, and all sorts of fun STEM themed topics. They had fun making a fan spin…

Learning & Building with Circuit Blox #ad #STEM

…and lights switch between different parts of the build…

Learning & Building with Circuit Blox #ad #STEM

…and the girls even made a basic FM radio!

Some projects take longer than others, so you can pick and choose either what type of thing you want to learn or base it on how much time you have to focus on it. It’s fantastic for homeschool, supplemental STEM education or just for a cool, interactive playtime. The pieces are sturdy, which I appreciated, and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. It shows the colors, layouts and even the numbers of the pieces so all the kids could follow along with issue. The girls did theirs entirely on their own (we just stayed by to discuss some of it), and the boys needed minimal supervision on theirs.

Check out Circuit Blox for amazing interactive STEM learning!

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