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Guys, I love decorating with photos! Really, I dream of a gallery wall up my stairs, over my fireplace, in the bedrooms, all of it. Not every each – but tasteful and beautiful. My family is my biggest blessing, and I love looking at photographs we’ve taken through the years – how they’ve grown, the funny moments as well as the sad. That’s what life is all about! That all being said, I dread getting family photos taken. What outfits should we wear? Don’t yawn, don’t blink, don’t hit your brother! It’s often a huge stress – but this month I captured AMAZING Memories with Portrait Innovations, and can’t wait to display them all over my home!

Memories with Portrait Innovations / by #ad

Look at those images – they’re BEAUTIFUL! And check out the eyes on Thor – he NEVER looks at cameras. As in, NEVER! I have maybe a handful of images the past few years where he’s looking AT the camera, instead of up, down, to the side, or turning his head all-together. Our photographer at Portrait Innovations, Rayven, was amazing and he looked in 99% of the shots!

Memories with Portrait Innovations / by #ad

We all had a great time – they made it fun for the kids so they were excited to follow instructions and lasted through the different background changes and such. I should point out – they allow an outfit change, but I completely forgot our second outfit set at home. Oh well, at least we wore my favorite!

Memories with Portrait Innovations / by #ad

Not only did we get plenty of pictures for decorating the walls of our new house – but they have some great gift options, too. I had a hard time choosing which holiday cards I wanted out of all the choices, but finally decided on this pretty and festive one…

Memories with Portrait Innovations / by #ad

Of course I had to get some gifts for the grandparents! This mini-photo books made it so I didn’t have to choose just two or three pictures to send, and the Grandma’s have a cute little book to easily carry in their purse!

Memories with Portrait Innovations / by #ad

We’ll definitely be going back to Portrait Innovations for our family photos, and I won’t stress nearly as much as in the past! You can easily schedule your appointment at a studio near you HERE!

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