Minion Ornaments

We love Minions at our house. Seriously, Despicable Me is one of our favorite shows (the 2nd one is even better!!!), and the kids are always going ‘Ba-na-na’ and ‘Popple’ (Apple, as the Minions say it). So as I’m having fun making ornaments this week – since we had yet another snow day today, so we’re getting stir crazy being all cooped up – I just HAD to make some Minion Ornaments for our tree!
DIY Minion Ornaments / Busy Mom's Helper
These are so fun, so cute, and totally customizable! They’re made very similar to the cute Santa and Elf ones I did earlier.
Supplies Needed
Large Googly Eyes
Blank Ornaments
Glue or Tape
Yellow, Blue & Grey Paper (normal Minions)
Purple, Black & White Paper (purple Minions)
Purple yarn, fluff, etc. (purple Minion hair)
Cut some Yellow, Blue, Purple and Black strips.
Yellow = Normal Minion Head
Blue = Normal Minion Pants
Purple = Purple Minion Head (duh?)
Black = Purple Minion Pants
Fill the bottom of the ornaments with the pant color, then top with the head color.
Glue the Googly Eyes to Grey (for normal Minions) or Black (for Purple) then cut around to make their goggles. Remember, some Minions have two eyes, some only have one.
Tape or Glue the goggles to the ornament, as shown below.
Using tape or glue, attach the Purple fuzz/yarn/whatever to the top for the crazy Purple Minion hair. Add some funky teeth to them, if you want.
Use some black for the mouths, and add some hair (sticking up, all over, flat – have fun with it!).

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