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Don’t Let Motion Sickness Interfere with Your Life

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If you’ve ever dealt with motion sickness, you know what a struggle it is. It can really prevent you from doing things you want, whether it’s a road trip or a fun theme park ride. Growing up, it was a nightmare for me – and as I’ll share with you, it caused some rather embarrassing moments! When we learned some of our kids suffer from it pretty badly, I was nervous for how it would affect things they enjoyed. Luckily we found a great solution – so Don’t Let Motion Sickness Interfere with Your Life anymore!

I can’t tell you what a life saver it was when we tried Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals for the first time last year. It was SUCH a difference! My Black Widow gets motion sickness the worst out of all my kids, and it was so bad we could hardly drive to dance lessons without her needing a baggy. What should have been a 20-hour drive to Disneyland one year took us almost 30 hours because we kept having to stop because she got sick so much. We use to dread plane trips because we ALWAYS had her throwing-up (and sometimes me, too), but now we’ve done several flights with no issue at all.

Black Widow wouldn’t want to go anywhere because it was so bad, and my thrill-ride-loving girl was miserable when she couldn’t really enjoy our trips to Six Flags or Disneyland. Now she very rarely has an episode of motion sickness – even on really long road trips or a day filled with roller coasters! Guys, I seriously LOVE Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals, and we stay plenty stocked up for her sake and mine. We can even do the ‘big rides’ and end smiling, instead of nauseous!

I promised you some of MY embarrassing moments from when motion sickness interfered with my life, so here we go. In 5th grade – which is a hard enough grade anyway – we were driving up the canyon for a school ski trip. About half-way there, I couldn’t hide my turning stomach and threw up all over. In front of my whole 5th grade class. I wanted to drop out of school it was so embarrassing! The same thing happened the summer after I graduated high school when I was on a Europe tour – those winding roads were awful, and I ended up at the Palace of Versailles with a now garbage-worthy shirt.


Now I take Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals and hardly get motion sickness at all! So how does it work so well? Unlike many other sources of ginger that people try for motion sickness (like ginger ale or candies), Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals contains the CLINICALLY-TESTED ginger dosage required for preventing and treatnig motion sickness. I love that it’s formulated with natural ingredients like ginger so that I feel safe taking it (or giving it to Black Widow) every day we need to travel.


You know those products you swear by, recommend to any friends/family, and keep in every bag and first aide kit? This is that for us because it works so well, and has made such a huge difference for our family. You can even grab this Digital Coupon to save $1.00, so you can try it out for yourself!

What are YOUR embarrassing motion sickness stories? Share below, then be sure to grab some Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals so they don’t happen again!

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