You Should Not See Thor: Ragnarok If…

 I was invited to an early screening to facilitate this review. All opinions are mine alone. #ThorRagnarok

Ya’ll know my absolute love (or obsessive geeky-ness, however you look at it) for superhero movies, right? I’ve been barely able to contain my excitement for Marvel’s newest movie hitting theaters, especially after hearing such amazing reviews for it. Now that I’ve FINALLY gotten to see it for myself, I’m sharing with you my personal thoughts on it – and NO SPOILERS. And guess what? You should NOT see Thor: Ragnarok if…

You Should NOT See Thor: Ragnarok If.... #ad

…if you don’t like laughing during movies

As you’ve come to expect from Marvel movies, there’s plenty of humor – and I think Thor: Ragnarok has even more than usual! Right from the start, it has you laughing out loud. After seeing some of the trailers, I knew it would be hilarious and wasn’t disappointed at all. You can’t expect much else from a duo like Thor and Loki. Or Thor and Hulk. Or Thor and Valkyrie….hmmm, I’m seeing a pattern here.

You Should NOT See Thor: Ragnarok If.... #ad

…if you’re eager to see who the REAL ‘strongest Avenger’ is

There’s often debate between Thor and Hulk as to who the strongest Avenger is, and since these two do go head-to-head in this film, and it seems we MIGHT finally have an answer. Or at least someone’s opinion!

…if you don’t like amazing super villains that you can almost understand their reasoning

Often we love super villains, even though we have no clue why they’re so power hungry. Hella – Thor and Loki’s older sister, apparently – is one you can’t help but totally admire. She’s ridiculously strong, and even funny (though I’m sure she doesn’t intend that – Hella seems a more ‘serious’ Asgardian). The thing with her, is that you can completely understand WHY she’s trying to take over Asgard. She has every belief – and I guess rightfully so, given her creation by Odin for certain purposes – that it’s her destiny and her RIGHT to do so. It’s hard to argue with that, although her methods and overall goals leave us a bit scared!

You Should NOT See Thor: Ragnarok If.... #ad

…if you don’t prefer movies with interesting supporting characters

I’ve always loved the supporting cast in the other Thor movies, and many of them are back – like the all-seeing Heimdall. Such a strong character – and definitely not bad to look at. He’s back and plays a more active part than in the past, I believe. Along with him is – of course – others like the Hulk (and Bruce Banner), Loki, and new-comers like the drink-loving Valkyrie, an Asgardian with quite the history with Hella, and Korg, a stone-creature gladiator you can’t help but adore (and he’s played by director Taika Waititi!)

You Should NOT See Thor: Ragnarok If.... #ad

…if you hate seeing characters battle with inner feelings as they must choose right or wrong

Another new character we see is Skurge, who just wants to prove himself. Despite his ‘good survival instincts’ that land him a job assisting Hella with her ultra-hostile takeover, you can tell he struggles with the tasks he may have to perform as she is determined to destroy any that stand in her way, especially the people of Asgard. For a ‘non-main’ role, they do a great job at showing you a lot of his progress through the entire ordeal – so guess you’ll have to see if which way he decides to go!

You Should NOT See Thor: Ragnarok If.... #ad

….if Loki’s mischief, humor and antics don’t amuse you

If you’ve seen any of the previous Thor movies, or even just the trailers, you know that Loki is anything but serious 90% of the time. He’s always up to something, often getting himself in major trouble, and loves to get Thor all worked up. He has no shortage of witty remarks or troublesome actions in the newest film.

You Should NOT See Thor: Ragnarok If.... #ad

…if you never want to see a movie with a view like this

You Should NOT See Thor: Ragnarok If.... #ad

You’re welcome.

…if you never want to see Thor and Hulk duke it out

They were hilarious as they butt heads (and shoulders, and fists) while working side by side in the first Avengers, but let’s be honest – so many wanted to see these two REALLY go at it full force. Wish granted, because these two aren’t holding back!

You Should NOT See Thor: Ragnarok If.... #ad

…if a fantastic, talented cast is not your cup of tea

Even if Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston aren’t enough alone to entice viewers to the theaters, you’ve also got the fabulous Cate Blanchett, Idris Elba, Jeff Goldblum, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban, Anthony Hopkins, Mark Ruffalo and many more – including Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Damon. Many, many reasons this cast is ‘out of this world’!

You Should NOT See Thor: Ragnarok If.... #ad

…if awesome music during epic battles isn’t your thing

You should’ve seen my hubby’s grin when rock music starting blasting as Thor kicked some serious alien butt, it was hilarious! Normally I’d wonder at if it was a good fit, but during this movie it was PERFECT.

You Should NOT See Thor: Ragnarok If.... #ad

…if you’re not at all interested about Asgard & Odin’s real history

I don’t want to spoil anything, so just know that you learn that Odin may not have always been such a benevolent leader, and Asgard not always such a peaceful land.

…or if you never want to listen to Thor and Hulk having a ‘serious’ conversation

Well, as ‘serious’ as these two can manage, at least! They’re both dealing with some major emotions and loss, and since they don’t have a lot of other friends on the planet they’re now stranded on, maybe need to lean on each other a bit.

You Should NOT See Thor: Ragnarok If.... #ad

Okay, if you haven’t guessed by now, I absolutely LOVED the newest Thor film, and unless you have an extremely different taste in movies and actors than I do, I highly recommend you go grab a ticket RIGHT NOW and see it for yourself!

Trust me, you’ll think this movie is great IF you enjoy comedy, appreciate good casting, storylines and character development, and love superheroes – or at least eyeballing Chris Hemsworth 😉

You Should NOT See Thor: Ragnarok If.... #ad

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