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How to Organize Your Day with a Toddler

The benefits of staying home with your kids are many, but that doesn’t mean everything always goes smoothly – especially when you have a toddler running around. In fact, caring for a toddler all day makes it difficult to get anything else done around the home. So, how do you care for a toddler and do all the other things you have to take care at home without running yourself ragged? Here’s some tips on How to Organize Your Day with a Toddler!

Moms and dads that stay home with their kids have a wonderful opportunity to spend precious time with their little ones that many parents who work outside of the home don’t get. You get to be there for all of the little things that you may otherwise miss. It’s certainly not easy, though, so organizing your day well can make a huge difference in how exhausted you end up when bedtime hits.

Here’s how to organize your day with a toddler:

  • Start with a simple, flexible schedule. A schedule will help you remember all the important things that you need to get done throughout the day so you can stay on track. By keeping it flexible, you won’t feel overwhelmed when something unexpected happens or when your toddler is simply having a bad day (or you are, because we KNOW that happens) and you don’t get through the list.
  • Set aside some special time just for your toddler. Use this time to play games, go outside and have fun with your toddler. This will ensure that you do spend quality time with her instead of running back and forth trying to play while taking care of other tasks. We’re all familiar with mom guilt, so this will help with that, as well.
  • Provide a safe environment with age appropriate activities to keep him/her busy while you take care of business. The activities will keep them occupied and happy while you work. You’ll also get more done because you know they’re in a safe environment where you don’t have to watch her every second (but please do watch as is age appropriate!)
  • Plan your meals in advance and eat around the same time every day. It’ll help you establish a daily routine that your kids learn to expect, in addition to helping you stay organized.

These simple tips are easy to implement into your daily schedule and they can help you keep your day organized even with a demanding toddler running around.

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