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My New Perspective on PC Gaming

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A few months ago, I was lucky enough to attend a local gaming conference with my hubby. I’d been getting more and more into PC gaming, and the idea of a few days (and nights – sleep was more of a early morning until noon timing here) with no responsibilities, just games, sounded amazing. It was a complete blast, and now I understand why he looks forward to it annually! One thing we enjoyed during the conference, when we needed to stretch our legs, was seeing what equipment other gamers were using – their PCs, monitors, keyboards, and – of course – their headsets. While I use to think that whatever accessories I had available would be the same, I have a whole New Perspective on PC Gaming and what really makes a difference. Especially when you’re spending that long on a game, you need quality equipment – which is why I’m thrilled to have the Elite Atlas Pro Performance PC Gaming Headset!

If you remember from last month, I shared why my family loves gaming so much. It’s great for having fun together, working together to solve a problem, build something, or reach a goal – plus it can teach the kiddos to get along better! It’s also a wonderful way for hubby and I to bond. Now that we’re also attending an actual event outside of our home, where we play PC games for such an extended amount of time, it’s even more crucial that we have better equipment that not only works amazing, but will be comfortable. That’s one reason I love the Turtle Beach® Elite Atlas headset for our PC gaming, because it’s designed for players of any level (my kids love the sound quality!) – but especially pro-players and hardcore PC gamers.

It’s durable (yet sleek) metal headband features a suspended pad, ProSpecs™ glasses-friendly design AND has upgraded magnetic memory foam ear cushions with an athletic fabric and synthetic leather. All the pieces work together to block out all that external noise (there’s a LOT during a gaming conference, trust me), plus make it super comfortable for long periods of PC gaming. Plus it works to take with you wherever you go (because who knows when an awesome PC game will happen), with included 3.5mm and PC-splitter cables that connect to any PC setup.

The Turtle Beach® Elite Atlas sets a whole new level for esports audio on PC, and the amazing audio performance centers around it’s pro-tuned 50mm Nanoclear™ speakers deliver immersive Windows Sonic for Headphones surround sound – which is practically a necessity when PC gaming, because you want to feel fully involved in the game. For those games where you need to talk with your team (or opponents!), the removable high-sensitivity mic with TruSpeak™ technology offers flawless communication. It was a bit ridiculous at our conference how the headset I had then struggled with the mic, making some of the games super frustrating as we tried to communicate from different PC stations. No worries now that I have the Elite Atlas, though!

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Hubby is so glad that I finally realized why it matters what type of equipment you have – I guess I hadn’t played quite long enough to notice, or kept brushing off the idea that there was really great stuff out there that made a huge difference when you’re playing a game. Whatever the reason, it’s so neat seeing (and hearing) the difference a quality keyboard, mouse and PC gaming headset make to really pull you into a game, plus make the actual play of it more smooth!

What’s your PC gaming must-have?

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