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Phineas & Ferb Summer Series: Intro

After a few months of planning and prep, I’m FINALLY ready to announce our fun new series coming to the blog for the summer: The Phineas & Ferb Summer Series! Prepare to bust the summer boredom blues with two of Disney’s best pro’s when it comes to making the most of summer vacation!

Phineas & Ferb Summer Series: Intro / by www.BusyMomsHelper.com Every Monday for the next 12 weeks we'll have games, prints, activities and many more ideas for some Phineas & Ferb fun!

Are you wondering what in the WORLD you’ll do with your kids this summer when they begin the ‘Mom, I’m bored!’ stuff….which is usually after the first few days of summer break! What better way to get creative, possibly have learning opportunities, and have a wonderfully fun time than with the summer fun pro’s themselves?!

Starting this coming week (June 2nd), every Monday for the 12 weeks of summer vacation we’ll be sharing the Phineas & Ferb Summer Series plans for the week. We’ll tell you the specific episodes we planned that week around (which will all be episodes we found on Netflix, so you can find them there) and share many games, activities, crafts, food ideas, free printables, and plenty of other things to make your kids’ summer filled with ‘the best day ever’!

You can then take the ideas, mix it up, change it up, pick-and-choose and do whatever to make it perfect for your kids that week. We’ll be sure to give you plenty to last the week, allowing for flexibility and choices!

Have a favorite Phineas & Ferb episode? Leave us a comment telling us which one and we may include it in one of our weekly plans!

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