Planned New Year’s Eve Party Pack

I LOVE New Year’s Eve. Christmas is magical, and spiritual, and festive, and tearing up in Silent Night…and so many other wonderful things. But NYE? It’s just a BIG, OL’ PARTY. I LOVE IT. It’s kind of like this huge stress reliever for me – like the joyful burden of Christmas is over, and it’s time to just kinda go crazy. But how on earth can I find the time to plan something awesome? I’ve spent all of my energy on Christmas! It’s kinda not fair that Christmas and NYE are sooo close together.They should really change that.

Anyway, in my usual panic I Google searched for something to make my life a little easier, and I found this…Oh. My. Gosh! The Dating Divas have done it again and prepared a COMPLETE Planned New Year’s Eve Party Pack for you! Seriously, you’ll hardly have to do anything to get this ready, except maybe decide what fun people you’re going to ring in the new year with!

Planned New Year's Eve Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #DatingDivas #NewYears #Parties #Printables

My gals at The Dating Divas are right on the mark again. Sometimes I’m a bit in awe of their creative genius! They have come up with a totally brilliant way to ring in the New Year, and I am kinda obsessed! The concept is genius. Each hour, guests open up a bag that is filled to the brim with all kinds of treats and goodies to add some festivity to the party!

The best part? EVERYTHING is in the pack already {okay, besides treats!} Enter a HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF. So, let me show you the bags. Aren’t they the cutest? Wouldn’t it be so fun to walk into a party and see these scattered all over the table?

Planned New Year's Eve Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #DatingDivas #NewYears #Parties #Printables

And okay…this is so cute. They even added little decorations for you to put on the bags! Oh my goodness. SO FUN!

Planned New Year's Eve Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #DatingDivas #NewYears #Parties #Printables
So, your first order of business is to decide what time you want the party to start! That will determine how many bags you need!
I’m thinking we are going to make dinner together. Super fun way to take the pressure off, right? After dinner…I’m thinking we’re going to play this AWESOME “Loaded Questions”-type game, included in the pack. How cute and fun is this? This game is hysterical, and the Divas have put their Diva stamp on it! Love!

Planned New Year's Eve Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #DatingDivas #NewYears #Parties #Printables

After I’ve died of laughter, I’m thinking a good calm-down/reflection activity is going to be these darling resolution prompts. Don’t you love them? As I mentioned, NYE is one of my favorites. Not just because it’s a big ol’ party, but because it means a fresh start! I love how the Divas have incorporated that into the pack.

Planned New Year's Eve Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #DatingDivas #NewYears #Parties #Printables

Then, let’s put a movie on! Got any good NYE movie ideas? They have even included some super darling popcorn boxes! I just love printable popcorn boxes. They make everything so much more festive, and add so much to a party!

Planned New Year's Eve Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #DatingDivas #NewYears #Parties #Printables

Then we get ready for the New Year! Midnight kisses? I’m dyin’ over here. Darling!

Planned New Year's Eve Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #DatingDivas #NewYears #Parties #Printables

I can’t wait to see this party come together! It’s going to be a BLAST! Putting it all together is going to be a serious breeze. Just what I need after a crazy holiday season!

You can get this amazing pack for only $8.97, so snatch it up!


Planned New Year's Eve Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #DatingDivas #NewYears #Parties #Printables

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