Expand Your World with PLAY-DOH Town

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 I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who grew up with PLAY-DOH sets, right? I loved making new creations with the modeling compound, free to use my imagination as I wanted. Now they’re celebrating their 60th Birthday, and boy do they  have some fun things planned. Now you can Expand Your World with PLAY-DOY Town, and let your imagination and free play go wild!

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First off, let me tell you about World PLAY-DOY Day – yes, it’s an actual day, fun right?! Their 60th birthday celebrations will culminate on this day, September 16th, so it’s only natural we all crab a playset or can of compound and create to our hearts content. For this awesome birthday, the PLAY-DOH brand brought out entirely new colorful, creatable, makeable adventures with the PLAY-DOH Town set, inspiring creative storytelling through the use of figures, characters and town-themed playsets and vehicles. We got to test out some of them – and boy were they a hit with our family! Yes, even us adults got in on the fun!

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With the PLAY-DOH TOWN FIREHOUSE Playset, the kids made flames, hoses, water spurts and even a fire pole with their compound – helping their character (and his/her trusty pet) put out the fires! There were plenty of molds – and you could even use the firefighters hat to create a neat hairstyle. And yes, the dog poops out the compound 🙂

Expand Your World with PLAY-DOH Town / by BusyMomsHelper.com #PlayDohTown #IC #ad

My personal favorite was the PLAY-DOH TOWN ICE CREAM TRUCK Playset – I mean, combining colors to create your own pretend popsicles? Plus swirly pretend ice cream from the top of the truck? Yup, it was a lot of fun – maybe I need to own an ice cream shop when I grow up! Hubby joined in the fun, too, and had a blast creating with us.

Expand Your World with PLAY-DOH Town / by BusyMomsHelper.com #PlayDohTown #IC #ad

We got this cute ice cream figure as part of the PLAY-DOH TOWN Figure Assortment – playing with her hairstyles was a blast! Her cute star cut-outs help create accents for her hair, or even sprinkles for the ice cream.

Expand Your World with PLAY-DOH Town / by BusyMomsHelper.com #PlayDohTown #IC #ad

The PLAY-DOH TOWN PET STORE Playset was super cute – they even had a stamp-out Turtle press!!! The bunny could have long ears or short – depends on how much compound you want to squeeze out. From fish to felines, they had quite a variety. Black Widow thought it was awesome that there was even a press for cash or a receipt!

Expand Your World with PLAY-DOH Town / by BusyMomsHelper.com #PlayDohTown #IC #ad

These exciting and customizable figures and playsets let kids (or adults!) create their own PLAY-DOH Towns, making a world all their own. They can come up with unique stories – from buying a new pet, to saving a burning building, even driving around town selling ice cream! PLAY-DOH brand continues to captivate the imagination of children AND adults of any age – so let’s help celebrate their 60th birthday, plus many more to come!

Which Hasbro PLAY-DOH brand item would YOU like best?

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