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Play & Go Makes Playtime Easy

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With our house on the market recently, we had to constantly be ready for a showing – and often had maybe an hours notice! Keeping the house clean was fine, but what about all the wooden toys the kids want to play with that MIGHT need to be cleaned up in a hurry? Whether you need (or just want) a quick clean up, are playing on-the-go or want a fun play mat then check out how Play & Go Makes Playtime Easy!

We got to try out both versions of the Play & Go play mat and storage bag – the regular size and the Mini. They have several styles to choose from, but I definitely wanted the Color My Bag option for the regular size because I knew my kiddos would have a blast coloring their new play mat. The Mini doesn’t have quite as many style options, but the Thunderbolt was my pick. The regular size measures 55″ in diameter when open, while the Mini measures about 15″ opened up.

Play & Go Play Mat and Storage Bag #sponsored #playandgo @playandgo

Play & Go Play Mat and Storage Bag #sponsored #playandgo @playandgo

As you can tell, there’s quite the size difference between the two. If it’s one little child or just a few toys (maybe going somewhere else you need just a few fun things to keep them occupied) then the Mini is perfect. More kids and/or more toys you’ll definitely want the regular sized version. I do have to say that if I were to get another one, I’d pick the Roadmap one, knowing it would get well used by all my boys’ cars. They have solid colors, simple designs and more fun things so there’s bound to be one that appeals to you and your little one.

I love that the fabric is sturdy (it’s polycotton canvas) – it’s likely to last a very long time being so durable! It’s not soft, so I wouldn’t suggest putting a little baby who’s face may rub on it, though. Even the cords are strong and meant to withstand quite a bit of abuse because, let’s be honest, kids sure put their toys and things through a lot of stress!

We’ll probably use blocks or superheroes the most in our Play & Go bags – storing them easily inside with the drawstrings closed when not in use, then just loosening up the strings and laying it out with all the toys for them to enjoy as a play mat. Such a simple concept, but tons of fun and helpfulness when it comes time to pick up!

Having such a stylish (and durable) bag to store their toys helps free up precious storage space – plus they’re so attractive that it isn’t a big deal to be hanging in the corner! The Play & Go is now available in 32 countries and they have plenty more designs for you to select from on the horizon. They can be purchased at your local specialty store, on Amazon or EMAIL HERE to place an order.

Play & Go Play Mat and Storage Bag #sponsored #playandgo @playandgo

Which style of Play & Go would you pick?

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