Printable Spring Break Vacation Coloring Pages

While you’re packing for a trip, there’s a lot to keep up with and remember. For parents, the top of the list usually includes a few things to keep the kids entertained in the car or plane. These printable spring break vacation coloring pages are cute, fun, and easy to pack in a small space.

Printable spring break vacation coloring pages | One Mama

Road trips are supposed to be fun. It seems like we aren’t on the road for long before one of my kids says those dreaded words: I’m bored.

It’s a 5-hour drive from our house to visit grandparents, so it’s important to me that the kids don’t go batty before we’ve even left the city. Now that they are older, they could both probably spend the entire drive with their eyes glued to electronics.

I want a little more variety, though, and I’ve learned over the years to not only have them pack a few of their favorite books, games, and a stuffed animal, but also to bring a few surprises for them myself.

Sometimes the simplest things can be great entertainment, especially when they are new or unexpected.

I always try to choose something small that I can keep to myself. No matter what the kids pack themselves, it seems like it’s never enough.

When they get bored before we arrive at our destination, I just pull out my surprise and give them another hour or two of things to do.

Sometimes it might be a snack or an audiobook. I love making printables and coloring pages too. For this spring break, I thought it would be fun to daydream about all the places you might go on vacation.

We usually take the kids to visit grandparents, but we’ve had a few vacations too. Even if you’re staying home and planning a staycation, I’ve got you covered in this spring break vacation coloring page set.

Printable spring break vacation coloring pages | One Mama

This set of coloring pages includes 8 mini-pages. They print on two regular 8-1/2 by 11-inch pages and then can be cut apart into quarters. They’re the perfect size to fit in a cheap pencil box so you can add colored pencils or crayons for a complete activity kit. Don’t forget a pencil sharpener!

Click to download: spring break vacation coloring pages

Printable spring break vacation coloring pages | One Mama

There are lots of places to take your family for spring break. These coloring pages include:

  • beach
  • camping
  • cruise
  • flying
  • skiing
  • park
  • road trip
  • home

No matter where you’re going, these printable coloring pages will be fun and keep the kids entertained – at least for a few minutes, right?

Printable spring break vacation coloring pages | One Mama

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