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Printable Star Wars Mother’s Day Card

Mother’s Day is coming up and it’s time to show the geeky moms in your life what they mean to you. Moms are a lot like Jedi and it takes some serious skills to do all that they do. This printable Star Wars Mother’s Day card is the perfect way to says thanks.

Printable Star Wars Mother's Day card | One Mama's Daily Drama for Busy Mom's Helper

If you think about it, Star Wars has a lot of awfully cool and strong moms.

Anakin’s mom, Shmi Skywalker, raised him by herself. She worked insanely hard to give him the best life she could, despite their circumstances. When the time came, she also made the difficult choice of letting him go because she knew that could give him a better life too.

Luke and Leia’s mom, Padme Amidala, might not have had the opportunity to show off her momming skills, but there’s no denying that she would’ve been a good mom. She fought for the rights of people everywhere and wasn’t one to back down even when the odds were against her.

Luke’s Aunt Beru raised him and taught him the value of hard work. He had to finish his breakfast and get his chores done before he could go hang out with his friends. That’s pretty much how it works in my house too.

We don’t know anything at all about Rey’s mom, but I believe that whatever happened to her, she must have made those choices to protect her daughter.

Printable Star Wars Mother's Day card | One Mama's Daily Drama for Busy Mom's Helper

As a mom, I sometimes feel like I need Jedi skills to get everything on my to-do list done and still keep my younglings happy. I made this printable Star Wars Mother’s Day card to reflect that.

On the front, it says “The force is strong in my family.”

On the inside, “I got it from my mom. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Click to download: Star Wars Mother’s Day Card

Printable Star Wars Mother's Day card | One Mama's Daily Drama for Busy Mom's Helper

Print your card on regular 8-1/2”x11” card stock. There’s no need to trim it. Just fold the card in half with the pictures and text facing outward. Fold it in half again with the front and back covers on the outside.

I like to use a wooden ruler to smooth the edges so that’s they’re really crisp.

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