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Fun Secret for Epcot’s Test Track

Even though Epcot at Walt Disney World seems to be best known for it’s World Showcase (and food – yum!), it does have some truly amazing rides, Test Track being one of the most popular. During my trip with hubby last fall, we learned a little-known but very Fun Secret for Epcot’s Test Track that made the ride even better – and today I’m sharing it with you!

First of all, for those that may not know, Test Track is a ride where you design a ‘test car’, then get in car simulators that go through different types of tests – such as efficiency, power, capability, and responsiveness – to see how your particular design would rate on it. There’s touch-screens for you to do your design, then it saves to your MagicBand for you to scan to your ‘seat’ before you board the car.

Here’s a little secret – the design stays on your MagicBand for 30 days (or until you put a new vehicle design on it, so be careful)! Knowing this, we wanted to really design a great vehicle, but needed more than the super quick amount of time you’re allowed at the screens in the normal line. That’s where the bigger secret comes in – there are those same computers after the END of the ride that you can use, without being rushed as much by a line!

A Fun Secret for Epcot

That’s right, after you exit the ride and pass by the show cars, to the right are 3 or 4 stations where you can do your design with much more attention and detail than in the actual ride line!

We had a BLAST with this, designing some awesome vehicles and then riding Epcot’s Test Track to see how they’d score with each of the categories. Hubby focused more on power – his looked like a beast of a truck!

A Fun Secret for Epcot

Mine was more balanced between things, so although he kicked my trash in the power test, overall I scored much higher 🙂

A Fun Secret for Epcot

A Fun Secret for Epcot

Knowing this and telling our kids about it for our upcoming trip, they’re super excited to make their own designs (and I know they’ll take time, so those other stations will be a huge life saver) and test them out. I bet we’ll be redoing it quite often, which will be for some fun memories.

What type of design would you do for Epcot’s Test Track?

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