No Sew Shark Dog Costume

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Does your family have pets? We have two goofy-yet-adorable lab mixes, and they’re such a huge part of our family. They’re always joining in our fun – whether it’s throwing a ball, playing tag or soccer, or snuggling up for a movie. For summer, I thought it’d be fun to make a cute little dog outfit for them when the kids also play dress-up. This No Sew Shark Dog Costume was perfect, and super quick to throw together!

No Sew Shark Dog Costume / by #ad #PawsToSavor

No Sew Shark Dog Costume

For those that don’t know, we almost lost one of our dogs last fall – Tula had to have an emergency operation, all while we were out of town on vacation. It was awful, and although everyone had low expectations of her surviving, she did – and we couldn’t be more grateful! That made us appreciate our lovely pups even more, and we savor the time we get with them. We also work hard to keep them their healthiest and best, from heartworm prevention to the food they eat. If you recall from these Dog Tips I shared previously, we feed them Purina® Pro Plan® Savor Shredded Blend from PetSmart because of the outstanding nutrition and great taste the dogs love.

No Sew Shark Dog Costume / by #ad #PawsToSavor

There’s so many dog food brands you could choose, but I love that Purina® Pro Plan® is dedicated to helping us owners discover our dog’s full potential through the high-quality and tasty (to dogs, of course) nutrition that gives our amazing dogs the chance to not only be exceptional, but FEEL it, too.

No Sew Shark Dog Costume / by #ad #PawsToSavor

It was actually a bit difficult to get them to pose for these photos because they just wanted to be by their dog food! Before we switched to Purina® Pro Plan® Kita would pick through their food, only eating what ‘types’ she liked. I don’t have to worry about this because it’s such high-quality nutrition with a taste dogs love – even my picky Kita girl! It’s probably because it’s made with REAL poultry, meat or fish as the #1 ingredient in all their dry formulas, with crunchy kibble and tender shredded pieces for a nice texture combo.

No Sew Shark Dog Costume / by #ad #PawsToSavor

If your dogs have a different preference for food, don’t worry, because Purina® Pro Plan® has a variety of dry AND wet dog foods – plus snacks and other meal enhancements – so you can get whatever type works best for YOUR dog. I get the kind made specifically for Large Breed as it fits my dogs’ needs best. Perhaps yours is small, then a different variety would better fit. They also have Puppy or Adult, so you can be sure they’re getting the appropriate nutrition at every stage of life. And did you know that PetSmart allows you to bring in your pets to shop with you? My dogs love it, like a little adventure!

No Sew Shark Dog Costume / by #ad #PawsToSavor

Right now you can save some money on your dog’s food, too! SPEND $15 on any Purina® Pro Plan® product, 5/31–7/5. SAVE $15 on your next purchase of 10.5-lbs. or larger Purina® Pro Plan® Dry Cat or Dog Food or Litter by 7/31.

No Sew Shark Dog Costume / by #ad #PawsToSavor

Since we have TWO dogs, I did a different one for each of them – this Shark Dog Costume I made for our Kita girl, the oldest of our pups. Later this week I’ll share the fun Clown Fish Dog Costume I made for Tula, so be sure to check back for the cuteness.

Note: I’m not putting dimensions or sizes, since all dogs are different – it’s really easy to customize for any shape/size

No Sew Shark Dog Costume Supplies

  • Blue felt/fleece (or grey, if you prefer)
  • White felt/fleece
  • Red ribbon
  • Black Marker
  • Triangle foam/stuffing piece
  • Ribbon for tying/securing
  • Hot glue/gun

No Sew Shark Dog Costume / by #ad #PawsToSavor

No Sew Shark Dog Costume Directions

  1. Cut out this rough shape for the shark ‘body’  No Sew Shark Dog Costume / by #ad #PawsToSavor
  2. Cut out a half-circle row of ‘teeth’ from the white. Hot glue the red ribbon around for the ‘gums’, then hot glue it beneath the shark ‘head’.  No Sew Shark Dog Costume / by #ad #PawsToSavor
  3. Cut out eyes from the white scrap, then hot glue to the ‘head’. Use a black marker to outline them, and fill in the eye.  No Sew Shark Dog Costume / by #ad #PawsToSavor
  4. Cut out some blue fabric and hot glue it all around the foam piece for the ‘fin’. Hot glue to the middle of the back.  No Sew Shark Dog Costume / by #ad #PawsToSavor
  5. Hot glue some ribbon scraps underneath to secure it beneath your pups belly. That’s it!  No Sew Shark Dog Costume / by #ad #PawsToSavor

See, it’s so easy to put together! Kita wasn’t so sure at first, but after awhile just went on like nothing was unusual. She’s so adorable in her shark dog costume! It’s really great to be able to share our lives and family time with these two incredible dogs – and we plan to savor the time we get together!

No Sew Shark Dog Costume / by #ad #PawsToSavor

Don’t forget to come back later this week to see the Clown Fish Dog Costume I made for little miss Tula, as well!

What variety of Purina® Pro Plan® would be best for the special dog in YOUR life?

Clown Fish Dog Costume

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