Silly Monster Valentines

I don’t know about you, but growing up I remember going to the store before Valentine’s Day, scanning all the shelves full of Valentines to give to classmates and taking forever to pick out a favorite set. With the advent of Pinterest, I think things have gotten a little easier for modern day moms. Now we can just park our kids in front of the laptop and have them pick out a favorite set of (FREE!) Valentine’s Day cards to print out and label for their classmates. How awesome is that?! This year, I thought I’d add to the offerings and share with you this fun set of Silly Monster Valentines.

Silly Monster Valentines

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These will be great for our youngest kiddos, but I can see older kids getting a kick out of the silly monsters too! And, if I do say so myself, I really love how positive and friendly these turned out. The color scheme would be great for boys or girls too!

I’d recommend printing them out on some nice sturdy cardstock so they hold up while being transported to school in a backpack. (You mamas know what I mean!)

Silly Monster Valentines

You could easily attach a lollipop in fun mystery flavors (we love Dum Dums!) to give these a little something extra! I hope your kids enjoy them.

Download & Print Your Silly Monster Valentines HERE

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