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Simple Neighbor Gifts from Clearance Sales

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Despite working like crazy, my to-do list just seems to grow ever longer this holiday season! With everything to do, I’m not getting the quality family time I want. One thing I’ve been trying to do to help is find ways to cut down on time AND money, especially with my gift giving. Luckily, I planned ahead last year and was able to make some super adorable Simple Neighbor Gifts from Clearance Sales!

Simple Neighbor Gifts from Clearance Sales / by Busy Mom's Helper

Now, I’m not one of those people who hits the stores extra early the day after Christmas to get the best sales. One, I’m not brave enough to fight through the deal-hunting mobs and Two: I like my sleep. A lot! So I just get around to shopping after-Christmas clearance sales a day or two after that. Maybe I miss out on some great deals, but I still always manage to find the perfect things to make the next year so much nicer! Last year I was able to nab twenty or so of these cute ceramic holiday bowls….for $0.50 a pop!

Simple Neighbor Gifts from Clearance Sales / by Busy Mom's Helper

Fun, right?! They’re perfect for pretty much any treat you want to give as neighbor gifts, whether it’s cookies, snack mix, wrapped candies or whatever. I wanted to make them a little ‘extra special’, though, so decided to get out my trusty Silhouette Cameo and add some vinyl! I chose some sayings like ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ and the classic ‘Merry Christmas‘. Plus images like a swirly Christmas tree or star.


  • Holiday dish or bowl
  • Vinyl in text/designs desired
  • Cookies, candies, whatever you want to fill it with
  • Cellophane or pretty tulle
  • Ribbon for tying


  1. Make sure you measure the inside area of your dishes before getting your vinyl shapes, to make sure they’ll fit. After I cut out the vinyl designs really fast on my Silhouette, I put them on transfer paper and carefully transferred them to the inside bottom of each dish. Rub well to make sure it’s all smooth with no bumps or stuck-up edges. Simple Neighbor Gifts from Clearance Sales / by Busy Mom's Helper Simple Neighbor Gifts from Clearance Sales / by Busy Mom's Helper
  2. Add your filler, like cookies  or chocolate kisses (if you get the holiday colored ones, it looks even more festive) into the bowls. Wrap with your cellophane or tulle, then tie it off with a pretty Christmas ribbon. That’s it!!!

It only took me about 10 minutes to design and print my vinyl, then maybe 20-30 minutes until all 20-something of my bowls were done! This saved me so much time, they turned out fabulous, and I didn’t have to spend much! I’m so excited to hand these out next week, and know my neighbors will absolutely love their treats and holiday bowls!

Simple Neighbor Gifts from Clearance Sales / by Busy Mom's Helper

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