Solo: A Star Wars Story (The Past of a Scoundrel)

The Star Wars movies were a huge part of my childhood – growing up, Sunday afternoons were for watching movies with my dad, and this series was a repeated hit. I have no trouble admitting that my childhood crush was Han Solo – handsome, adventurous, and a good guy deep down. While we got to know Han, Leia and Luke very well during the films and later learned much more about the origins of the twins, we had very little clue at all as to Han’s past. All that’s different with the newest film Solo: A Star Wars Story – and we finally learn more about the past of a scoundrel that we all adore!

Solo: A Star Wars Story (the past of a scoundrel) #hansolo #starwars #movie #chewie #chewbacca Have you ever wondered how Han and Chewbacca met? The history behind Lando and Han having differing opinions as to who really owns the Millennium Falcon? Or how they got into the life of smuggling and debts? There’s so many stories I considered when growing up and watching my childhood hero as to these answers – but I’ll freely say that NONE of them were as amazing as what we learned in this newest Star Wars movie!

Solo: A Star Wars Story (the past of a scoundrel) #hansolo #starwars #movie #chewie #chewbacca Don’t worry, I’m certainly not going to do any spoilers – amazing films like this MUST be seen and experienced for yourself, otherwise some of the amazement is gone. Here’s a few things that were downright exceptional, in my opinion, and more reason you need to go see this ASAP (it hits theaters May 25th)!

Solo: A Star Wars Story (the past of a scoundrel) #hansolo #starwars #movie #chewie #chewbacca

First of all, you KNOW there’s going to be epic flight scenes – zooming through space, dodging obstacles and/or enemies, racing to beat the clock. The original Star Wars movies were incredible – so with today’s technology it’s even BETTER and some spots were just jaw-dropping with the graphics.

Solo: A Star Wars Story (the past of a scoundrel) #hansolo #starwars #movie #chewie #chewbacca All of the most recent films have had a droid that we couldn’t help but love – and added so much to the humor and personality of the cast, such as BB-8 and Kaytoo (Rogue One). Solo: A Star Wars Story is no exception, bringing L3-37 into our lives and keeping us rooting for this feisty, no-filter lady!

Solo: A Star Wars Story (the past of a scoundrel) #hansolo #starwars #movie #chewie #chewbacca

You not only get to learn more of the history of Han Solo, but other favorites like Lando Calrissian – the ever-flirtatious, confident and sometimes mischievous ‘friend’ who’s just as handsome and charismatic as ever!

Solo: A Star Wars Story (the past of a scoundrel) #hansolo #starwars #movie #chewie #chewbacca  The Millenium Falcon is one of the most well-known ships in movie history, and we get to learn more about this beautiful and powerful lady during the Solo film. Of any ship of any movie I’ve seen, this one is my absolute favorite!

Solo: A Star Wars Story (the past of a scoundrel) #hansolo #starwars #movie #chewie #chewbacca

The cast for the movie was phenomenal – bringing some more popular names mixed in with some newcomers who blew us away. Of all of these, though, I have to say that Paul Bettany was the most shocking to me – I know him best from his role as Vision in Avengers (or the voice of Jarvis previous to that), or as a clever-with-words fellow in A Knights Tale. In Solo, however, he’s a powerful and feared Dryden Vas, crime lord of the group known as Crimson Dawn. I thought it’d be difficult seeing him as a ‘bad guy’, but oh my word he did INCREDIBLE!

Solo: A Star Wars Story (the past of a scoundrel) #hansolo #starwars #movie #chewie #chewbacca

Adventure is a necessity in Star Wars films, and Solo’s movie doesn’t disappoint. From crazy plots, to betrayal, to impossible tasks and more, you’ll be gripping your seat to learn how things do or don’t work out!

Solo: A Star Wars Story (the past of a scoundrel) #hansolo #starwars #movie #chewie #chewbacca

There’s tons of things included in Solo: A Star Wars Movie that make you go ‘oh my gosh, did you hear that’ – because it’s the basis for other things in the ‘future’ films! I couldn’t help but clap like a little kid at a few lines because it was like my childhood all over again!

Solo: A Star Wars Story (the past of a scoundrel) #hansolo #starwars #movie #chewie #chewbacca

Your emotions will be played with, as Han and Chewie form relationships and trust – whether good or bad – throughout their adventure. They each started out with a specific goal, but how will things work out when everything seems to be going against them?

Solo: A Star Wars Story (the past of a scoundrel) #hansolo #starwars #movie #chewie #chewbacca

I can’t wait to go see Solo in theaters again to catch any other details I may have missed, and to experience this incredible movie all over again. It makes me feel like my childhood is getting some explanations that I didn’t even know it was missing from those years of watching Star Wars with my dad. And I’ll admit, I *still* have a crush on Han Solo 😉

Solo: A Star Wars Story (the past of a scoundrel) #hansolo #starwars #movie #chewie #chewbacca

Who is/was YOUR favorite Star Wars character?

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