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Superhero Soda Gift

Have you noticed yet that my family’s a bunch of comic nerds? Or would it be geeks? Either way – that’s what we are, big time! My 6-year-old knows the difference between Justice League and Avengers. My boys will yell at you if you call the wrong hero the wrong name. It’s awesome! So, for Father’s Day, we wanted to do something ultra-nerdy and fun and decided to give Flash a gift that was simple, tasty, and reflected our family. Thus – our Superhero Soda Gift! Since there are 6 bottles in the set, each bottle represented a family member – perfect!
Superhero Soda Gift with Free Printables / Busy Mom
Being our nerdy selves, each of us has a Superhero name. My daughter is Wonder Woman, twins are Superman and Batman, and the youngest is Green Lantern. Hubby is Flash, and I’m Hawk Girl (when the kids say this, it sounds like ‘Hot Girl’ – not going to complain about that!).
Here’s the full Superhero Soda Gift set, in all it’s nerdy-glory!


  • 6-pack of IBC cream soda (or orange – just so long as the bottles are clear)
  • Printables, found below
  • Tape or Mod Podge
  • M&Ms, Skittles or other candies the correct color (small enough to fit into the bottle)


Print and cut out the printable pages found below. Use tape or Mod Podge to attach them to the box, trimming any excess. Attach the labels to the top of the bottle caps, and tape the bottle wraps around each bottle.
Fill each bottle with the appropriate color of treats. Here’s the colors we did:
  • Flash: Red and yellow
  • Hawk Girl: Red and yellow (could also use black – but I didn’t know what candy to do for that)
  • Wonder Woman: Red, yellow and blue
  • Batman: Yellow (could also use black/grey – again, no idea what candy)
  • Superman: Red, yellow and blue
  • Green Lantern: Green (again, black could be used)
Replace the caps, and you’re good to go!
Notes: If using M&Ms, I found that in the 3 huge bags we had to use, there were more blues than any other color, except maybe brown. In all of those 3 bags – so that may just be the normal! Other thoughts for candies: Lemon Heads, small Swedish Fish, Skittles, Nerds, etc.
Printable Pages

Back of Box, Back of Handle, 4 Bottle Toppers

Superman & Wonder Woman Bottle Labels

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