Surviving Summer with a No Mess Snack

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Y’all have heard me say that summer seems to be even more crazy as far as schedules than the rest of the year, right? This year we not only have dance, karate and me trying to work full-time WHILE being a stay-at-home mom full-time – but now we’re also trying to sell our house! Yes, we’re crazy – but I’m trying to help my sanity and use my favorite things for Surviving Summer without the Mess. As insane as my life is right now, at least I can minimize the clean-up and avoid hungry, cranky kiddos while we’re always on-the-go!

Even though we’re spending a decent amount in the van running to our various activities – or rushing out the door with 5 kids and 4 dogs to sit in a parking lot while potential buyers look at our house – it’s much less stressful than it could be if we didn’t plan ahead. For example, we keep great activities on-hand to bring with – from coloring books and stories to songs and games. This helps the time pass faster and can reduce the number of times you hear ‘are we there yet’.

Surviving Summer with No Mess Snack #Ad #NoMessInTexas @treetopinc

Surviving Summer with No Mess Snack #Ad #NoMessInTexas @treetopinc

Another thing that can make a HUGE difference for families on-the-go is having healthier, mess-free snack ready to grab and go so you avoid ‘hangry’ kids – or parents! I love keeping a bunch of Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches on-hand because they’re a great travel-friendly snack that all my kiddos love. Especially when we’re heading to dance or karate, when they need to be at their best, these tasty fruit flavored applesauce pouches are perfect!

Surviving Summer with No Mess Snack #Ad #NoMessInTexas @treetopinc

As a mom trying to make better choices on what to feed my kids, I love that Tree Top Pouches are made with pure fruit and have nothing artificial – like no high fructose corn syrup. Even the package is a better choice, made with BPA-free packaging. What a great snack option when they’re made with 100% USA apples from local orchards! Plus they have a variety of delish flavors that our family really enjoys, so you can pick a different one for whatever mood you’re in.

So whatever your travel occasion – driving to lessons, a trip, running errands or just getting out of your house for a bit – Tree Top Applesauce Pouches are the perfect, easily packable snack that’s sure to please the whole family. And when they kids are happy, driving wherever you need to go is MUCH more pleasant!

Surviving Summer with No Mess Snack #Ad #NoMessInTexas @treetopinc

Some other ideas for on-the-go santity-saving include: billboard or license plate alphabet game, take turns picking songs, name that movie quote, or trace their hand on blank paper and turn it into a creature or super hero. There’s many more fun drive-friendly activities for kids, just use your imagination – and don’t forget the snacks!

Surviving Summer with No Mess Snack #Ad #NoMessInTexas @treetopinc

Surviving Summer with No Mess Snack #Ad #NoMessInTexas @treetopinc

Where will YOU be travelling with Tree Top Applesauce Pouches this summer?

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