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Sweet Rewards

Here’s a simple idea you can use this Valentine’s Week (or anytime!) to encourage your kids to “be sweet.”  How about offering a few little SWEET REWARDS as incentives?

Sweet Rewards by Riggstown Road for Busy Mom's Helper

I’m Lynn, and I blog about my home and family at Riggstown Road.  It’s important to me to try to cultivate good attitudes and character traits in my children.  Easy little tricks like sweet rewards help me do that in a fun way.

My kids know that there will not always be a tangible reward for doing the right thing.  In fact, sometimes in real life, we are even persecuted for doing the right thing.  They need to know and understand this.  On the other hand, even we as adults enjoy it when something good we do gets noticed.  Bonus at work anyone?  Get a thank you card in the mail lately?  As parents, we spend a lot of time preventing and correcting  bad behavior (and rightly so.)  But sometimes, an effective way of doing that can be to point out the good behavior.  For the most part, I use predictable rewards and consequences.  But I have found that sometimes, great motivation comes from those spontaneous, unexpected rewards.  Ok, enough with the disclaimers.  Now on to the sweet stuff…

Sweet Rewards by Riggstown Road for Busy Mom's Helper

Y’all probably know by now that I like simple things- simple recipes, simple projects, and simple solutions.  Well, this little incentive idea is perfectly sweet and simple.  Seriously, all you have to do is stop by the store and get a bag of chocolate kisses (or your kids’ favorite treat) and hide them. 😉  {I rarely just hand my kids candy, so this is a big deal for me!}  First, I would spend a few minutes at bedtime or breakfast reading and talking about 1 Corinthians 13 (Love is patient, love is kind…)  Then, be on the lookout, and whenever you catch a child doing something sweet (i.e. showing love), give them a “kiss” and tell them why.  Don’t be surprised if you see an increase in sweet gestures on their part!  Make this a fun tradition for Valentine’s Day or week.  It’ll be rewarding- for you and them!

Sweet Rewards by Riggstown Road for Busy Mom's Helper

Sometimes the simplest things…can be the sweetest!

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