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Tasty Spider Gift

These are an oldie-but-a-goodie. My kids actually made them at my mom’s house last Halloween-time, and I snapped a photo of those ones so I could try to do them again. Behold, Tasty Spider Gift second edition! These fun little gifts are so simple, cost-friendly (Booyah!) and cute that kids AND adults alike will love them!

Tasty Spider Gift / Busy Mom's Helper

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Tape or Hot Glue
Black Pipe Cleaners (or colorful, your choice)
Jewel, pom-pom – something for a nose
Candies to hide inside!
I got my little canisters at a Family Dollar, and they were only about 50 Cents a piece. So….take your little canisters……
….and glue four pipe cleaners per side (spiders have eight legs, remember?) to the bottom of the canisters. I used black because that’s what I had on-hand, but making fun colorful spider legs would be awesome!
Tasty Spider Gift
Next, glue on the Googly Eyes and Nose to the lid.
Tasty Spider Gift
Fill with candy, replace the lid and VIOLA!!! A really easy, inexpensive little treat craft for the kids (adult-kids also included)!
Tasty Spider Gift
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