Teaching Your Kids to Tie Their Shoes

Teaching Your Kids to Tie Their Shoes
Do you remember how you learned to tie your shoes? Ya, me neither. Maybe the bunny loop hole thing? Or like on Shrek Forever After ‘into the dragon’s keep’? No matter how we learned, it’s kind of an important thing. For most, at least.

Teaching Your Kids to Tie Their Shoes

When Wonder Woman needed to learn to tie her shoes, I seriously had the hardest time teaching her. I didn’t know how to explain what I just….DID. When I thought too hard about it, I couldn’t tie my shoes! Ugh, it was awful. Then these cute little cut-outs happened, and she learned to tie her shoes So. Dang. Fast. LOVED IT! And when she had no-tie shoes for over a year and needed a bit of a refresher course, out they came and she fiddled with them until she caught on again.
Teaching Your Kids to Tie Their Shoes
Now YOU can get these little cut-outs for your little (or big, whatever) ones to practice with, without causing where, tear and frustration to their actual laces! All you need to do it print out this page onto a sturdy material (or flimsy, just laminate it).
Teaching Your Kids to Tie Their Shoes
Make sure you size it to ROUGHLY their foot size. Doesn’t have to be perfect, by any means. Not like they’re going to walk around in them. Cut it out, laminate if desired, and use a hole punch over the dots for the lace holes. Get some yarn (or laces, if you have them and want to), and treat it like a shoe! The side flaps fold right up over the foot, so they get the real feel and angle of shoe tying.
Happy Shoe Lace Tying! 

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