THE BFG Movie is Truly Magical

I remember reading THE BFG when I was much younger, and even watched the cartoon film way back when. I loved it – the adventure, the friendship, all of it! It’s been a long while since then, but I’ve been anxious to see Disney’s THE BFG Movie – it’s Truly Magical!

THE BFG Movie is Truly Magical / by / movie review

I was able to take my sister with to the screening, as she was in town visiting, and she agreed they did an amazing job and can’t wait to see it again. I knew the visuals would be outstanding, mainly because Disney has blown us away on so many of their recent films. CG has come a long way, and it really helps bring these stories to life! How else could some goofy-yet-cruel giants look so real, or the tree where all the dreams (and some nightmares!) are found look so beautifully alive? From start to finish, it was stunning and kept us entranced the whole way through.

THE BFG Movie is Truly Magical / by / movie review

The characters were fantastic – Sophie was a brave, spunky little girl who grabs your heart, and may just entice you into a new adventure! She did really well at showing the lonely orphan mixed with the strong-spirited girl she is.

THE BFG Movie is Truly Magical / by / movie review

I instantly fell in love with the BFG – he can be clumsy and timid – but is such a soft-hearted friend that you can’t help but wish you could REALLY have a BFG in your life. Wait until you hear how he talks – so funny, yet adorable at the same time! Plus those ears – fabulous!

THE BFG Movie is Truly Magical / by / movie review

I was a bit worried about the other giants – the mean ones who eat children – but was pleasantly surprised that Disney was able to show them as mean and cruel, while still giving them a funny aspect so younger kids wouldn’t be afraid. They could giggle at these monsters, instead of worrying of giants nabbing them from their beds at night.

THE BFG Movie is Truly Magical / by / movie review

I asked my sister what her favorite part was – the Queen! Wait until she’s on the phone making calls, you’ll know what moment she’s talking about – hah! Oh my goodness, and the Frobscottle – a bubbly, green drink of the giants that bubbles actually flow DOWN. Guess what that means? Yup, some super funny (and ‘musical’, as the BFG says) moments!

THE BFG Movie is Truly Magical / by / movie review

I love this story even more than when I was a kid, and can’t wait to share it with my kiddos soon – it’s in theaters NOW, so grab your tickets and let your family join in the magical, hilarious adventure with Sophie and the BFG!

THE BFG Movie is Truly Magical / by / movie review

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