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5 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Moms

Being a mom is a busy gig – we often manage the kids’ schedules, the household chores, shopping and meals, some of us also have our own work to fit in. It’s madness getting it all done! I feel your struggle, and am here with 5 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Moms. We could all use a little help anyway, right?

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Tip #1: Choose the Right Stuff for the Job

To get things done well and fast, we need the right tools. For showering, find the right razor & shaving cream (or razor that HAS cream on it) for quicker shaving. For getting ready in the morning, have a straightener that you also can use to curl your hair. Find the RIGHT make-up that you can apply quickly but still love the final look. Have shoes that are easily switched for multiple occasions or situations.

Don’t forget to get the best stuff for CLEANING, too – like a sweeper & mop combo for wood floors, multi-purpose cleaner for different surfaces from counters to chairs, etc. A duster that can do blinds, the piano or dresser and even the fireplace. Having the right products – especially if they can be used for multiple things – can really save time.


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Tip #2: Stay Healthy

It’s enough of a challenge to get everything done when you’re feeling your best, toss a cold or flu in there – or even just tired muscles – and you’re really struggling to complete to to-do list. Trust me, I’ve been there, too! Staying healthy works to your advantage in so many ways – not only to FEEL good, but also be able to function at your best. Here’s some ways that may help keep yourself in better health:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise, but don’t overdo it
  • Get enough sleep
  • Take vitamins, supplements, whatever works best for you to aide your immune system
  • Wash hands often

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Tip #3: Take time for YOU

I’m going to assume that, like me, this is one of the hardest things to do. I feel like if I’m not working, I should be spending time with my family or taking care of the household tasks. But as I’ve learned time and time again, I burn out after awhile of this. Taking time for yourself is super important, and can leave you feeling more refreshed, energized and even motivated to tackle whatever is in your day. Heck, it may even help you feel HAPPIER about your to-do list if you know you get time for a good book, massage, movie, girls/date night or just something you enjoy for yourself. Check out my post on why it’s important for busy moms to have a hobby!

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Tip #4: Plan Ahead & Use Lists

I’m a MAJOR list person, whether it’s a shopping list, to-do list, budget, whatever – I love making lists and perform so much better when things are written out and planned. I use my own planner to do my monthly calendars, then spread out my tasks in the weekly spreads. This way I’m not stressing in the morning about ‘what do I have to do today, what can wait’ etc. Much easier!

#ad 5 Time-Saving Tips for Moms On The Go by BusyMomsHelper.com

Tip #5: Learn to Say No, and Accept Help

Aside from Tip #3, this one is my next most challenging – because I feel GUILTY saying no to too many things! I’ve been slowly learning, though, that it just isn’t possible to do everything by myself. There’s some work I have to turn away, some girls nights I need to not attend, even some fun family activities that are just too much for that week. Saying no to some things allows me to say YES to others, like a movie day or Six Flags with my kids, a date with Hubby or even a different thing for work that I’d enjoy  more anyway. And as for accepting help – do it. Allow people to help you when they offer, but also don’t be afraid to ask. Nobody can do everything alone.

What’s YOUR best time-saving tip for busy moms?

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